Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Continuing to go through the DCEU movies, I watched this movie today.

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 98% match. I decided to give the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

Instant Comments:
Telling Batman's backstory in a few minutes of this film seems like a waste. Why did the movie studios rush to make Batman v Superman when they could have given Batman his own movie or two first?
This character named Jack is dying and I don't even know why I'm supposed to care. Clearly Bruce cares for this Jack person
Hmm... This movie implying the collateral damage involved due to Zod's invasion... the thing is... it seems like many people are gonna lay blame on Superman when he's more of a victim
Hmm. "ignorance is not the same as innocence"
Nothing wrong with Jesse Eisenberg, but I never thought Lex Luthor to be such an animated person. I always thought of him as a much deeper thinker. I feel, if anything, this portrayal of Lex could have instead made a great Joker [someone else on the internet mentioned Riddler. yeah, I can see that as well, but not as Lex]
I think in reality there's no way decryption would have a percentage completion rate.
The funny thing about some of these grouped fights... I think in fist fights a guy waiting to attack makes sense. I feel here with guns, there was a gun with a gun and he basically waited for his turn to be attacked by Batman before raising his weapon instead of getting ready to fire on Batman while someone else was engaging with Batman.
Generally this entire fight sequence is poorly choreographed
Superman arrives at the congressional meeting and people are yelling get out and such. It was mentioned earlier that there are philosophical questions... At that time I was agreeing. Many people believe in gods and higher beings... and yet when such a god-like being reveals itself, there is judgement. Have people ever thought about what would happen if their god showed up and decided to make changes? Would people turn on such a god in the same way they are reacting to Superman?
Wow. Luthor's assistant was in the building.
Exactly 100,000? That seems like an unlikely number to report. If the ship had said "at least 100,000" or some exact number that's not exactly 100,000 like 137,444, then that would have been believable

Bruce opens up the folder with all the meta humans. I think at least one of the characters not Wonder Woman should have had a movie prior to Justice League as well as a Batman movie. Just comparing with the MCU, four of the six (original MCU) Avengers got a movie prior to The Avengers: Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, and Captain America. And based on their abilities, Hawkeye and Black Widow not having a movie prior to The Avengers is sensible.
Hehe. The Wonder Woman theme song.
Hmm. He has his mouth exposed. What's the point of such a suit with your mouth exposed? Superman could theoretically just aim his beams right into the hole
Hehe. What if he was still away and Lois just dropped to her death?
The way way he said that was exactly like a Joker... ("bring me the head of the bat... Mother of God will you look at the time...")
Uh... that's dumb. The Wonder Woman theme is playing as she watches the videos for Flash and Aquaman. See if their movies were already made prior to this movie, then it could have been their theme songs playing.
Hehe. This isn't even really a fight.
Hmm. There could be the small possibility that Bruce knows what Luthor is up to and simply has to put on a show. (Bathman has just kneeled Superman down through the skylight)
I think this movie is much less cool without first a movie that puts us into this particular Batman's mind. It fails to have us empathize with Batman in any way. At least personally I think of Batman as the villain here.
Oh wow. Coincidentally both their mothers are named Martha as being what saves Superman's life
That's quite a trust... They are basically strangers, but Superman will trust his mother's life in Batman's hands
Huh. The knife pierced his suit but a gun wasn't able to shoot through his helmet
Hmm. Hw did Lex intend to kill Doomsday even if Doomsday killed Superman?
"Is she with you?" "I thought she was with you." Wonder Woman theme resumes... (hmm... it was cool when the Wonder Woman theme played when she dropped in. but during this fight with the three of them... kind of awkward) [apparently it was used a lot in the Justice League Synder cut to the extent for some people to ask. in one Reddit thread someone made a joke about the theme song playing after Wonder Woman opens a fridge; I had a good laugh]
Hehe. Luthor gets his head shaved for the classic Lex Luthor look
This "he's coming moment" makes Lex seem responsive instead of calculating and ahead of the game. He doesn't seem cool and thoughful. He sounds psychotic (again like a Gotham villain)
Why would the dirt rise?

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Zack Snyder. 151 min

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