Dredd (2012)

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 99% match. I decided to give the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.

Instant Comments:
Seems not good to be doing drugs while on the job - at least drugs that would impair one's ability as opposed to enhance
Jeez. They just rammed someone...
Wow. Very messy...
Why isn't she wearing a helmet? Is it because she's just in training? Seems like everyone in this line of profession should have a helmet
I see. It was not until Dredd arrived on the scene and they explained the slo-mo burn... It increases the feel of the punishment... since the perception of time is in the mind... let's pretend it felt like falling for a day... While the initial thought is that it'd be fear all the way down... I could imagine it could have the opposite effect. Normally the time in such a fall would be so short that one would in theory only process the fear. But if the brain is capable of slowing down the perception, I would assume it's because the brain is thinking more quickly. And perhaps would think about many other things... However, it's sci-fi, so maybe this particular drug just isolates a particular aspect of time perception. In which case, it is plausible it only magnifies the same thoughts which one would normally have...
Ah. No helmet explained.
Hehe. "You don't look ready."
The doors that crushed the homeless person when too unbelievably fast. Various persons could have been passing under those doors.
I don't get it. So much work to kill the Judges when they can just kill Kay.
They just got locked down. I wonder why they couldn't have pressured Kay for information earlier. Information about MaMa.
Seems like overkill. I guess someone did say MaMa loves violence
Doesn't make sense to me... if that's what citizens get for not helping the Judges... they should better rebel
So lucky there's a skating ramp so high up.
Ah, okay. So I'm not the only one: "Sound like overkill to you?"
Well he has a psychic... why does he have to say anything?
Hehe. "We haven't even started" (he pees himself)
"Incendiary" Huh. Has this series already been turned into a game? [There was a game called Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death released in 2003 (EU)/2005 (NA)]
Hmm. Not sure why this medical person wasn't prepared to help Dredd and yet here he left his protection to talk to other Judges...
Hmm. Will Dredd know?
Huh. Weird exchange of information. And this one guy chose to first react by saying something on his comm instead of taking out Dredd.
I wonder if these guns the Judges use have any protection. Will Dredd be able to take the gun of the guy who tried to attack him? [oh, after the gun ID scene that happens later I realized he doesn't have to take the gun, he can probably just take the ammo cartridge]
Hehe. "Funny. I was gonna ask you that. Bitch."
This Judge assumed Anderson would freeze upon seeing another Judge but that will likely be trumped by Anderson's psychic ability
Hmm. Out of ammo. So he wasn't able to swap the ammo cartridge.
Huh. Now he reloads... maybe before there wasn't time?
Watched 20231202 (Netflix, Instant)
Dredd (2012) Pete Travis. 95 min

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