50 First Dates (2004)

Aside from being confused on a minor plot point, I quite enjoyed this romantic comedy. In particular, I think Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore have great onscreen chemistry. It should be noted that they've also worked together in The Wedding Singer (1998) and are set to appear together in the movie Blended (2014), both are also romantic comedies.

Henry Roth (Adam Sandler) pretends to cry.

In any case, it may be helpful to understand that there are scenes between Sandler and Barrymore which are at the core of the romantic comedy, and then there are scenes which support the main story but dominantly serve a more comedic purpose. Of the more comedic scenes, they tend to be similar to comedy found in Sandler's other movies, which may only appeal to a portion of people.

Thus, if you like Sandler movies and romantic comedies, then you'd almost surely enjoy this movie. Otherwise, I still suggest you see 50 First Dates, only with lower expectations.

Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore)


Instant Comments:
"Henry Roth." "Henry Roth." "Harry..." Haha.
Spam and eggs. :D
"Whole wrestling team."
Hahahaha. "But I make up for it with enthusiasm and willingness to experiment."
"Oh really? I wish I could make it but, yes, I'll see you tomorrow."
Ha. They're both dancing. "Look at those two shitheads."
They get a running start into their golf swing, much like Happy Gilmore would in Happy Gilmore (1996).

Lucy's father Marlin (Blake Clark)

Hehe, I didn't know who Sean Astin is in this
"Check out these gluts, rock hard baby."
Hehe. She gets surprised by "The Sixth Sense"
It's interesting that she draws something different every day. It's a good fictional illustration of chaos.
Haha. It worked one time but not a second. Again, fictional chaos.
Hahahahaha. "Can I have that? I need something to wipe my ass with."
"Look like a stupid asshole to me."

Dr. Keats (Dan Aykroyd)

"I just... can't... reaaad."
Hahaha. "Pan... pancu... pan..."
"Mahalo for the ego boost."
"I guess I prefer sausage to taco."
Hahaha. "AAAAAhhhh. I can't believe you fell for that." "My grandfather died trying to jump start a car. [...] I can't believe you fell for that."
This movie is just so cute. I remember really liking it the first time I saw it as well.
Hahahahaa. Her beating him with the aluminum bat is hilarious.

Lucy's brother (Sean Astin) and father.

Hahaha: "Oh you crazy bitch."
"Wouldn't It Be Nice" - Beach Boys
"Sweetie, you're sort of dating him."
Hahaha. "You're in trouble! I gotta go tinkle."
"Stalker!" Haha.
Haha. "I love Spam and Reeses."
"Do you have any idea who I am?" "No." "No? That sucks."
That's amazing. "I dream about you every night."

Lucy chases Ula, a friend of  away from Henry.

Watched once before.
Watched 20131226 (Netflix, Instant) (Streaming until 20140101)
50 First Dates (2004) Peter Segal. 99 min

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