$5 a Day (2008)

Watched 20131219 (Netflix, Instant, HD)* (Streaming until 20131220)
$5 a Day (2008) Nigel Cole. 98 min
*HD did not buffer.

Nat Parker (Christopher Walken)

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Ritchie Flynn Parker (Alessandro Nivola) calls his ex-girlfriend.

This movie has some poor acting here and there, but for the most part I enjoyed the film and I enjoyed Christopher Walken's performance. I suppose my main upset with the film is the anticlimactic ending.

Overall, this movie has a lot of smaller, interesting bits, but as I mentioned above the ending is anticlimactic.

Flynn's former babysitter Delores Jones (Sharon Stone).

Instant Comments:
I can't believe she's not pissed at him calling.
I can't wait to see how his dad uses that picture of him in his dad's jacket next to his dad's car.
Ha. She tucked him in like she was still his babysitter.

Flynn's ex-girlfriend Maggie (Amanda Peet)

The pink briefcase.
Ha, quite the visit.
Haha. Sweeter than money.
Haha. Win-win situation.

Flynn and his dad Nat stay at an empty house for the night.
Here they prepare to leave before the realtor arrives.

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