Shane (1953)

Watched 20131231 (Netflix, Instant) (Streaming until 20140101)
Shane (1953) George Stevens. 118 min [botnotsn (1949) by Jack Schaefer]

Shane (Alan Ladd)

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Shane and the Starrett family.
From left to right: Joey Starrett (Brandon De Wilde),
Marian Starrett (Jean Arthur), and Joe Starrett (Van Heflin).

This movie was simple, yet interesting. At one point in the film there's a fist fight which is fun to watch. It felt more real and raw compared to many fight scenes nowadays that feel overly choreographed or depend on special effects to draw interest.

Shane and Chris Calloway (Ben Johnson) get in a fist fight.

Instant Comments:
"You aint gonna drink that in here." "You guessed it."
Shane is tough. It takes men to hold him down. Otherwise, he'd win a pure fist fight against them all any day.

Shane and Marian dance.

What an annoying kid. "Shane, you hit him with your gun, I hate you!"
Seriously? The kid ran all that way to follow Shane?

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