The Andromeda Strain (1971)

While The Andromeda Strain started incredibly slowly, it picked up and got exciting about a quarter of the way into the movie - when the scientists begin making more deductions about the mysterious infection.

In addition to the story, I would also compliment the movie for its portrayal of the future. Despite the movie being made over forty years ago, I still find it interesting to watch.

Dr. Charles Dutton (David Wayne) and Dr. Ruth Leavitt (Kate Reid) head on out to the research facility.


Instant Comments:
"Now wait a minute, that's not what they told me. Just incinerated."
I didn't realize this film was so old: 1971.

Here we see Dr. Mark Hall (James Olson) with, as informed by the computer, a layer of his skin burned away.

No bleeding.
"Clotted blood. Powder."
The Robertson Odd Man Hypothesis.
Oh. The old man is still alive.
Interesting: the choice to stop the nuclear explosion.

Dr. Jeremy Stone (Arthur Hill)

"You may notice a fine white ash on your body. This is the outer epithelial layers of your skin that have been burned away." Both gross and awesome.
Hehehe. She drops her helmet on the ground.
"Sorry, her voice is quite luscious."
Aww. Poor animals. I wonder how they're trained to play dead.
"Maybe not so pure."

Apparently some people had time to kill themselves.

Pretty interesting at the one hour and thirty minute mark.
Oh, so did she miss the one with "No Growth." It's explained later.
Oh no.
Why is that women so stupid. Doesn't she realize she would die if she doesn't help him?
The end credits for this film just list the cast over the course of several seconds and no music plays.

The strain is given the code name Andromeda.

Watched 20131230 (Netflix, Instant, HD)* (Streaming until 20140101) 130 min. *HD didn't buffer.
The Andromeda Strain (1971) Robert Wise. 131 min [botnotsn (1969) by Michael Crichton]

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