Shaolin (2011)

Watched 20120120 8PM (Netflix, Instant) (Mandarin audio, English subtitles) 131 min
Shaolin (2011) Benny Chan. 131 min

Huo Chieh (Andy Lau)

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I liked this good old-fashioned martial arts movie. However, I don't like it as much as Fearless (2006), Ip Man (2008), or Forbidden Kingdom (2008). Unfortunately, I can't put my finger on why.

Tsao Man (Nicholas Tse)

Perhaps some of the delivery isn't as good or the story as a whole isn't as grand. In any case, there is a particular scene that I really like, because it was emotionally powerful. The ending was also beautiful.

Reiterating, Shaolin is a good movie and worth watching, but something about it falls short for me.

Remark: I think I need to start martial arts again. There was an email for an Aikido club, every saturday from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. [I tried to go and they weren't there, but then I ran into the end of their practice elsewhere, signed up (again) to their mailing list.]

Wudao (Jackie Chan)

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Instant Comments:
How beautiful @26 min. Rice rice!
The brother had a lot of honor. Even saving his brother when betrayed and shot.
Whoa, what a scoop @41 min
Jackie Chan's special appearance @ around 50 min

The act @57 min was to be expected. Nicely done.
What a dumbass, haha, "No, they brought stolen rice."
Lol. They didn't erase the red "is no big deal."
OMG, the little boys and the bread @1h37 was one of the most powerful moments in a movie I've seen in a while [possibly ever]
Hahaha. Stir fry and knead them like dough. Go Jackie the Cook!

Abbot (Hai Yu) and Wudao

Oh jeez, another bad bad guy. Dude says I lose and keeps fighting.
Running down the blade, that's always a fun one.
The abbott's final scene... wall of men behind him.
Wow, that's beautiful, right into the hands.
Such a sad and beautiful story
Wow. Rain. And blood.

End Credits:
Boy training in the snow. Then to various groups.
Credits are both in Chinese and English, similar to the opening credits.

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