Wheels on Meals (1984)

This movie is very similar to Dragons Forever (1988) in terms of style, humor, action, and even cast. However, the two movies have completely different plots. If you liked one, you'll probably like the other. If you like 80s Hong Kong martial arts films, you should watch both Wheels on Meals and Dragons Forever.

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Instant Comments:
haha there was no wall dividing their rooms, but he knocked to make sure his roommate was up
low the jump down from the balcony
hahahaha that's the latest liquid preservative
hahaha worse than before
it's the one bad guy from Dragons Forever (1988)
"don't tell anybody else." haha. clever.
what was he thinking when he decided to punch the bulldozer?
holy crap. that was awesome what jackie did to scale the wall. too bad it didn't work due to a fluke
hahaha. Sammo Hung kicks Jackie Chan.
that's not at all honorable to not give your opponent a weapon. this guy's a bad badguy.
yeah... go Sammo @1h38
ooo fancy kick blows out the candles

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Wheels on Meals (1984) Sammo Hung Kam-Bo. 98 min.

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