It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Overview: A group of friends own a bar called Paddy's Irish Pub in South Philadelphia. The group consists of Charlie (Charlie Day), Mac (Rob McElhenney), siblings Dennis (Glenn Howerton) and Dee (Kaitlin Olson), and, starting with season two, Frank (Danny Devito).

Dennis, Dee, Charlie, Mac, and Frank. S2E02

Set to expire on December 12, 2017, I decided to start binge-watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. With 124 episodes to watch (11 out of the 12 seasons) at approximately 20 minutes a piece, that's about 41 hours of episodes. Assuming I can watch an average of four hours a day, that'd take me about 10 days.

To start, I watched from Season 1 Episode 1 to Season 2 Episode 4 with very few breaks. However, after Season 2 Episode 4, I had to take a break.


Today I watched the rest of Season 2, and while the show is hilarious, I just had to take a break from watching more.

Today I watched the rest of Season 3 and a couple of episodes from of Season 4 as well.

I was watching Season 6 Episode 1 and noticed that it was in widescreen. Apparently Season 5 was also all shot in fullscreen.

My goal was to finish all eleven seasons before they left Netflix, but yesterday was so busy that I left in the middle of the last episode of the ninth season and by the time I came home and got settled the episodes had been removed.

"We weren't expecting you to be black that's all." - Mac
I can't help but feel, how Dennis might be feeling right now. Does he mean "butt sex" when he says "tear his ass apart"?
Lol. Focus on black men.
Oh. Okay. He skipped kissing Dee and went to aggressively hug Dennis.
Lol. (two against one)
[They made the whole tequila order confusing. So I looked it up and it's salt, then tequila, and then lime.]
Ha. $114 = Back to normal for a Saturday night (e.g., they made way less than being a gay bar during the week) (of course, the plot of characters having the potential to become rich, but eventually break even is common among sitcoms)
Lol. "How's that ass feeling?" (as the punchline ending)


Pokes fun at contradictions in religious beliefs. In this case, Charlie is Catholic, chooses to believe in premarital
Hahahahaha. "What's this?" "That's the list of doctors I'm gonna kill."
Haha. "There's two already crossed out."
Lol. It worked.
"I don't really have any convictions." - Dennis
"I love the smell of protest in the morning." - Mac, a conscious reference to Apocalypse Now (1979)


Haha. The camera panning over to the underage bar patron and Charlie says, "Did you see that he was totally going to cry."
Elmer's glue is non-toxic and safe.
"We can't go to the prom." "What do you mean we? Who asked you?"
Mac says he's 28 years old.

Lol. When the camera pans to it, it's not even a discrete bulge.
"Gross... two-fifty."
Lol. Accidentally punched the trannie.

Dennis tries to help Charlie, but the waitress shows interest in him over Charlie. S1E04

"I think it's clear what needs to happen." "What?" "We need to buy a gun."
Michael Rosenbaum.
He's probably the one who committed the crime [Charlie subsequently foreshadows this]
Ha. "Tell me we're not getting rid of that gun?" "No way." "Never."

Dee's grandfather called her Deandra.
Lol. Her grandfather purposely teased her.
"Great. You must be really proud of yourself. Your grandfather's a Nazi."
Lol. Mac kept the picture, now in Dennis's possession, while Charlie kept the hat.

"Tell me we're not getting rid of that gun?" "No way." "Never." S1E05

"I didn't like that class."
Hahaha. Hahaha. "Why didn't I get blown?" - Mac
It's Dennis Haskins (Principal Belding in Saved by the Bell)
Lol. What idiots (going around telling everyone that Charlie was molested; they didn't even ask him)
Creepy. Who is that? (The man who keeps saying "Turn it over." "Slow, slow.")
The resolution was simpler than I thought it would be.
Ha! "That little prick's going to hell."

Danny Devito! (I didn't know he was their dad)
At around 15:37 minute mark, the woman in the store which they pass waves at the camera.
Hahahahahahahaha. Ahahahahaahahaha. Hahahahahahahahaha. Ahahahahahaha. ("What's going on down there?" "Those two guys are pretending to be disabled and are kicking each other's asses." "Dee remarks "What a bunch of scumbags" and then walks away disabled. (I haven't laughed this hard at a sitcom joke in a long time)


Lol. The ending. ("You gentlemen know anything about this?")

Hmm. I feel like I might have seen this episode.
Haha. Missed it by a day.
Ha. Crack addicts.
Ha! "Because you are crackheads, children."

Dennis and Dee have become crack addicts. S2E03

How is Mac holding the toupee if Frank is wearing a toupee.
Haha. "Not interested."
"It isn't over 'til I say its over!"
I can't wait to see how it all comes together.
Holy! Phase II was great.
Hahaha. "I guess I kind of overlooked that detail."
Aww. Charlie's master plan didn't work out after all.

Rocky IV
Million Dollar Baby
Hahaha. They just ditch Dee.
"Clown Baby" instead of "Baby Clown."
A dark parody of Million Dollar Baby (2004).

Charlie gets Dee to help him. S2E04

HAHA! "No shit! I was so close." (after getting her number)
"Hey, what's the action?"
Haha. Safety pin.
This credits has them picking up trash on the freeway.

"Here's a confession: I'm in love with a man. What? I'm in love with a man... a man named God. Does that make me gay? Am I gay for God? You betcha." - Charlie
Decent ending. (teabag)

The McPoyle siblings. (S2E09)

This is the second episode that displays Charlie's inability to read.
"Who do you think you are? Bill Clinton?"
"That's politics."

Ha. The transition.
I didn't understand what Dee was talking about with choking and vomiting.
Haha. These guys.
"Rock, Flag, and Eagle."
Oh, in this scene with the McPoyles brothers and their sister, the brother on the left reminded me of one of the actors in Dead Poet Society. [I thought Liam McPoyle (actor Jimmi Simpson) looked like Charlie Dalton (actor Gale Hansen).]
Hahahahaha. Russian roulette.

Frank isn't the biological father of Dee and Dennis (While I came across this info about two to three episodes ago, I didn't know when it would be revealed. I also know another tidbit as well.)
Hahaha. "What do you guys know about smuggling heroin through your anus?"
That's the same gun from the previous episode.
It's Stephen Collins who played Rev. Eric Camden on 7th Heaven.
Smile. Elmer's Glue again.
The episode ends with the implication that Frank is Charlie's biological father. (This was the other tidbit I mentioned having learned from the Wiki. I didn't realize it would happen in the same episode.

WTF: "There's a baby in this dumpster."
Hehe. The weed.
The reverse psychology. (Chains)
Hahaha. Hahahaha. Frank and Charlie sleep outside instead of getting rid of some stuff.
Parodies The Doors (1991) ("Riders on the Storm" is playing)
Ha. "You survived the abortion."
That was unexpected.
Ending was great. (And reasonable that Frank feeds the ambiguity of the situation)

Ha. Beers and Dominoes outside.
Doyle McPoyle.
"Can I get the check."
Hahaha. Dennis gets hit by the football.
Lol. Frank's tripping inside a trash can.
Credits: Geoffrey Owens (Elvin Tibideaux on The Cosby Show)

1a: Lol. Doesn't make sense how she gives away his money.
1b: Ha. Frank's idea is ridiculous.
1b: Ha. Frank's reaction to AIDs.
1b: Didn't see that coming. Though I suppose he probably did know what Frank looked like.
We're three cool guys looking for other cool guys who want to hang out in our party mansion. Nothing sexual. Dudes in good shape encourages. If you are fat, you should be able to find humor in the little things. Again, nothing sexual.
1b: Throw him off the roof.
1b: Hahaha. Guy comes falling from the roof as Charlie and Ernesto are crying.
1b: The ending of this episode wasn't as good as the other episodes.
1a=20171125, 1b=20171128

The McPoyles...
Ha. That fake map bit was good.
Haha. Stab somebody.
Ha. Dee is beginning to display Stockholm Syndrome.
Mac picked up an axe which he could have used as a weapon.
Hehe. Better than the last episode.

Ah. It's the secretary from Arrested Development
Hahaha. Charlie uses Dennis's sketches as porn material.
The song continues playing through the credits.

Christopher Walken impersonation, but from what movie?
Like American Idol.
"Charlie, he smell like dog fart."
This girl laughing at Dennis together with Charlie was a great moment.
Haha. "Am I in America?"
No way she'd actually be 12 years old. But it wasn't a terrible way to bring misfortune with respect to their situation.
Hahahahahaha. The final exchange of lines.

Hmm. Where have I seen this actor? [Richard Ruccolo from Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place]
Ha. They took the difference out of her pocket.
They're playing jacks.
50's Doowop Group.

1a: HAHA. "It was absolutely crazy."
1a: Holy. Simple and neutral until asking what she doesn't like about the place.
1b: No one acknowledged that Mac just saved that guy's life.
1b: Ha. Oh Charlie. (no tape)
1b: Can't believe she did the well.
1b: Of course.
1b: The dance beat continues into the credits.
1a=20171128, 1b=20171129

"I don't think he's retarded."

Larry Bird
Dee references the time she had crack.
How long will this be drawn out (confusion between Mac and Charlie).
"Look, it's not like I'm ashamed of you. I'm ashamed of myself."
Hahaha. Dennis takes a jab at Dee's physical appearance.

This episode had its moments.

Tango & Cash

Pussy Hands.
Ha. "He does have gorgeous hands though."
Ha. They run into the priest that Dee screwed over.
Hahaha. "I didn't set up any ass play."
Hahahaha. Frank as Dennis's pimp.
Ha. The Gang makes it out.

Agent Jack Bauer. (The cat's name.)
Serpico (1973).

Ha. Rickety Cricket (Matthew) is back.
Haha. Charlie washes his balls every Friday.
Dennis does the stealing idea bit against Dee, which was something they both used
"You lousy bastards."
Hahaha. Charlie's still going even after the cough syrup filled brownie.
Oh. Finally.
Hahahaha. Cricket accidentally hits Dee.

Hahaha. Frank totally psyched them out. They don't know whether or not he's bluffing. Actually, I don't know either.
Cricket's back!
HAHAHA. Charlie licked a cat's butt.
Hehe. "Hey, we got monkey."
"Rambo again."
"Then I guess Jaws IV is stupid."
Hahahahaha. $50. Yogurt. Hot plate. Hilarious.
HAHAHA. "They drew first blood, not you." (Cricket recognizes it as Rambo)

Haha. "Which one of us do you want to take in the back and bang you?" - Mac to the loan officer. He alternates his pecs.
Ghostbusters theme.
Hahaha. "Wildcard, bitches."

Hahahahaha. Hahahaha. Charlie pauses and turns to hit Dee with a volleyball.
Hahaha. Rex has already eaten the cockroaches.
Hahaha! That billboard.


Hahahahaha. Hahahaha. "I don't know, that's his problem." Hahaha.
Hahahaha. Hahahaha. Charlie easily pulls out two more teeth.
Ha. And a fourth.
Hahaha. He didn't jump out.

Ha. When Charlie questions whether or not Frank knew they were dead.

Hehehe. Econ major.
Ha. "Name's Artemis. I got a bleached asshole."
Hahaha. Dee runs out and bangs her head against the car.
"Did it not go through?"
That art exhibit.
*I saw a part of this episode once before.


Hahahaha. Hahahaha. Hahahaha. When Frank comes in and starts downing his own can of cat food.
It's Sinbad!
Sinbad says it's Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20.

Mentions the movie The Secret of My Success
Day bow bow. I recognize the song from Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986). [It's actually named "Oh Yeah" by Yello]
When Frank enters the psych ward, the current occupants are a parody of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975). [The parody continues throughout the episode] [Danny Devito played one of the patients in the movie]
Hahaha. Pepe Silvia, Carol, missing mail, and pink slip.
As the credits role, Frank is shown trying to hop the fence.

Ha. Frank and Charlie carelessly begin shooting at each other.

Hahaha. "Move that bus."
That ending.

"You got to pay the troll toll, if you wanna get into that boy's hole." (But Charlie wrote "soul")
That first song was good.
They finish with "The Nightman."
Ha. "Stage freeze." "Don't say stage freeze, just do it."

Ha. Dee gives a pricing schedule that goes to at least 10.

Haha. (Dennis hits the biker with a beer)
How did they get their hands on her keys?

Hahaha. Charlie turns on the "Closed" sign when the bar is open.
This creepy character (that we previously saw on a previous episode) is Charlie's uncle.
Hahaha. Dee pouring wine onto the floor.
Ha. Idiots. "Who wants free money?"
*I recognized the scene where they're talking about the Dave & Buster's cards.

Ha. Their cousin Gail (Mary Lynn Rajskub)
"You know... I do offer group therapy."
Wine in a soda can.
Hahahahaha. Someone says to "Swallow it or spit it out." and so Gail spits out her saliva onto the floor.
*I vaguely recall bits and parts of this episode. In particular, the intervention and wine in a can.

That's quite some revenge.

Hehe. Camera pans to each of their faces gagging on the fumigation chemicals (Mac, Dee, Frank)
As Mac, Dennis, Dee, and Frank talk, we can occasionally still see the mascot and two guys beating up Charlie.
Haha! A dungeon. Made up, but they all screamed in unison inside the courtroom.

She's fully dressed as a rose and carrying a rose. Yet says she isn't "Desert Rose." (Sting)
Hehehe. "I knew this shit wasn't fake."

Hohohoho. Oh my goodness. The cat walks across the table with the kitten mittens and falls off.
Ha. "I'll just eat it later."
Hahahahaha. Hahahahaha. Ha. Frank takes a shot to the mouth, gags a little, but says "Awesome, I'm wasted."

Bam. "Without checking in?"
Hahaha. They just stare at each other.

Ha. Ha. He calls her anonymously.
Hahaha. Mac has a MAC system.
Haha. Frank comes in after Mac.
Ha. They screwed with Dee so hard.
Hahaha. The old woman says, "My grandmother was a lesbian."

1a: Ha. Charlie doesn't understand the plot of The Sixth Sense.
1b: Ha. A prequel to the Sixth Sense.
1b: Ha. Ha. The twist is to show full penetration.
1b: The "plot twists"...
1a=20171202, 1b=20171203

What, I thought she said she'd been practicing.
Pull a Good Will Hunting (1997).
He talks about respect and he's completely disrespecting them.
"I'm doing this guy's taxes."
Dee manages to do 10 in a row. Though I wonder if she was kind of cheating. It looked like she was using her second hand.
I didn't see that coming. Poisoned Dee and the frat boys.

Hahaha. They crack their backs.
Hehe. "We're already friends right. Let's be friends with benefits." - Charlie to Frank.
The gay marriage paperwork is a pile compared to the straight marriage.
Ha. "It smelled like she was nibbling on little pieces of shit."

Don't look in the drawers. > What's in them? > My sex tapes.
Smile. Jokes about choking.
Sometimes their rude personalities are just too much for me. (Dee takes a car from Bill but shows him absolutely no consideration with respect to Bill's newfound homelessness)
Holy shit. It's a BMW.
Hahahaha. "Have you touched them yet?"
1=20171204 AM

Ha. Diabetes.
Hahahaha. The dancing air guy was still moving.
1=20171204 AM

Ha. Lucky guess.
Holy shit. Cricket's trashcan wound got infected.
1=20171204 AM

Hoho. She shot a piece of snot outside her right nostril (after plugging the left one).
The height of the pool looks low enough that they can reach it by one person standing on top of the other.
In the following scene with all the junk shown, it looks like if they couldn't reach by stacking, then they have enough junk to stack and then stand on top of each other.
Ha. The mobility from short shorts (which references the previous episode).
Hahaha. Dennis gets tackled during his attempt to enter the high class pool.

"Viggio Morgenstein."
Phantom of the Opera vs. vampire.
Wait, why was Charlie upset with his sexy costume. Doesn't make sense. [Explained by Frank in a few scenes]
Ha. Damn, that dumpster is really shaking.
Hahaha. The McPoyle's version of the story and the ending.
"Don't flush."

"Cider House Rules"
"The Gang."
Smile. He tells her to give up.

Smile. Monk chanting.
Ha. "Tell people we pushed you." - Frank
Ha. "No, I'm not acting, you bitch." - Dee's teacher to Dee.
Huh. I didn't see that coming. Charlie rejects their offer and stays a janitor.

"And that's what you call a monologue."
Dennis, Frank, and Mac discuss blackface.
Lethal Weapon 5 [their fan sequel to Lethal Weapon 4 (1998)]
Ha. That sex scene.
They switched parts...
That's pretty good. Out the window and crushed by a car.
The electric guitar. Perfect.

Smile. Dennis switched out Mac's gift with the shirt he wanted.
I don't get why Dee would just throw the second one out.
Ah hahaha. "Oh, just tell me when you're done. I'm the guy who wipes down the loads."

Stupid Mac. "Squirrel!"
Charlie in the trunk.
Air through nose. Dennis tells Charlie he always checks their ID.
Hahaha. "Split me like a coconut."
Wow. What jerks.
She's gonna let it go and it's gonna get eaten or crushed. [Haha. Called it.]
Somehow the fact that Dennis openly shoves it in Mac's face makes it less bad - at least in the frame of the show.

Pulling a Weekend at Bernie's.
Smile. "Please don't put me in the trash."
That ending.
1=20171205 AM

Ha. "Your other left."
"Merry Christmas, bitches!" - Frank.
Oh snaps. I had a robot similar to that.
Hahaha. Mac screams for the Cabbage Patch Kid toy and the plot twist.
Smile. Charlie's realization of his childhood Christmas is worse than Mac's
That's pure awesome. Frank popping out of the couch naked.
Smile. They're not returning it.
Haha. Hahahaha. "Did you fuck my mom?" - Charlie asks of the mall Santa.
Hahaha. He repeats it with his bloody mouth as Mac drags him away.
"When I'm dead just throw me in the trash." - Frank being real with Dennis and Dee.
He's definitely not dead. [Obviously.]
Ha. Ha. The door is raised.
Hahaha. What the fuck. It pans to the elf's penis.
Ha. "Why did the elf have no pants on?" - Charlie
Frank replies, "I didn't say the elf had no pants on."
They're hilarious.
I was just thinking that! "Who tows on Christmas Eve." - Mac
1=20171205 AM*
*I remember the scene with Frank popping out of the couch. I think my friend Josh shared the episode with me (and our friends) but I don't remember any other part of the episode.

Ha. "It's Tiger Woods."
Ha. WTF with that barf. It looks like blood.
Ha. Blood capsules.
The Bill Cosby actor is back.
Ha. Don Cheadle.
OMG. He just casually injects himself with insulin.

Haha. He's drinking sunblock.
Rum ham!
Eewwww. Disgusting. The way they showed the blood squirt out her head as the hair got pulled out.
"Did you rape me last night?"
Aww. Poor Charlie. [Though he thinks positively of it.]

Mac gasps for breathe as he eats.
HAHAHA. She replaces ass with vagina.
Oh yeah, they definitely hinted that ending.

Haha. "Your license plate says 'Scammin.'"

"No orientals though."
"Shady nasties?" "Shadynasty." (pronounced like Sha-dynasty)
Ha. "Those were the days." "It sounds like you yearn for those days." [...]
She chooses drugs.
That ending just had to happen. There really was no way around it. The moment they were headed to the airport, that was the ending.

Smile. He has another hatchet.
Haha. Mac just watching the news at home.

Charlie is so bad.
It's got to be a penis... [It's not]
Ha. Is Frank gonna turn this whole thing around and win it for Charlie and Mac?
Hahahaha. Frank gets one dead in the hand.
They don't remember writing it?
Ha. Flip a coin.
Haha. Ha. They lost anyways.

Ha. Mac wants to know about the photos.

"I'm a Swedish plumber, I've come to fix your pipes."
Possibly a reference to E.T. (1982)
HAHA! "The vase!" Tries to pull it in with his whip (perhaps like Indiana Jones) but breaks it.

Huh. They had to film this before he got fat? [Apparently they used footage from an unaired episode]

"Too muscular."
"I know. So are weeeeeeee."
Wait, why would that guy leave his keys in his bike like that?
Frank tells the tourists about various stories (episodes)

Nice. Cricket's all cleaned up and a priest again.
Ha. Unfortunate for Cricket.
"To think I was gonna let you jack me off."

Dennis reveals his system.
"Dennis turned out to be a loser."
HAHA. Expectation vs. Reality.
Oh Schmitty.

Mac's weight loss is the first point made.
Haha. The ending.

Plowing. Clarifies "Not gay sex."
Where are they taking it?
Hahaha. "Wild card, bitches."

Hahahahahahahaha. Mac and Dennis catch Charlie quoting Jaws (1975).
It looked like he was giving his brother a blowjob.
This episode aired October 25, 2012.

What an extreme stalker.
"Do you want to follow her around some more?"
She looks familiar (Ruby) [Oh, I saw her in Baywatch (2017). Her name is Alexandra Daddario.]
Huh. He's playing Dee and Charlie, but what about Ruby.
Weird. That ending... But I guess that's love.

Oh, when it was Charlie's turn, the psychologist looked more familiar. She looks a little like one of Sabrina's aunts (in Sabrina the Teenage Witch). And yet, her voice and appearance reminds me of a character that behaved more abnormally, borderline crazy. If I were to guess, I'd guess Orange is the New Black. [Oh! She's Deputy Trudy Wiegel in Reno 911!. Her name is Kerri Kenney.]
References that Frank may or may not be his father.
Begins using a Brooklyn accent.
Good Will Hunting (1997)
Ha. Ha. "What is happening?"
Haha. "You having a white Christmas?"
"Okay, okay!!! Dee doing the dishes."
It's funny cause Dee's rant is exactly the kind of thing Kerri Kenney's character Wiegel would be seen doing.

Hehehe. "Charlie, I have lung cancer." "How? You don't even smoke?" "Well you know. It's just one of those freak things." (second-hand smoke)
(Sharp as a tack.)
Ha. "It's the holy trinity. Beef and beer and Jesus."
I might have saw this coming (Frank tricking Dee)

S8E07: Frank's Back in Business
"Boom I got your wallet." "Boom I got your credit card."
Haha. "Don't you guys want to get off with me." Hehehe.
Hahaha. Caddy.
Mmm. I kind of missed the connection here.
0=20140110, 1=20171206

Hahaha. Dennis pushes Dennis down.
Crazy meeting between Charlie and the other player. Charlie's full of surprises.
"I'll let you live."

Hahahaha. Mac manages to tip the waiter with a dollar and cop a feel.

S8E10: Reynolds vs Reynolds
Ha. The piece of evidence which exonerates Frank of having donkey brains.
Hahaha. Haha. Dee moves herself to "on the fence."
Ha. Hahaha. Mac's argument moves Frank, Charlie, and Dee to "on the fence" with regards to Evolution.
I didn't see that coming.
0=20140109, 1=20171206

Hahahaha. "They wrote 'wash me' on the filth on my vagina."
Huh. The new manager and Dee.
Hahaha. Great ending. Well done.

Ah, this guy was on New Girl. [Jeff Kober]
Hunger Games type scenario.

Hahaha. Mac came at Dennis hard.
"I Like Paddy's Pub." Awesome song.
"Go Fuck Yourselves."

Hahahaha. Idiots. Mac and Dennis buy three weeks of timeshare.
Hahaha. Charlie tells the audience in the video that it's a pyramid scheme.
Frank knows that all four have been duped. Of course the silly thing is he's trapped in this coil.
Ha. "Just" $2000 to opt out of the timeshare.
Hmm. While I did wonder how Frank could get stuck in the coil but not get out, I didn't think he'd be at the top of the scheme.
Haha. Down line.
Lol. Still stuck there. But that still begs the question, how?

Seann William Scott
Haha. "Jump you pussy."
Wait. What. (Jump)
Haha. (He lives)
Hahaha. "Let me try." Single well-placed knock on the glass.
This is the first episode where they mention and/or agree that Mac is gay. ("I know we've never said this as a group, but Mac's gay.") It's particularly fitting because Country Mac is openly gay (and Country Mac is supposed to be like a version of Mac). There's certainly been moments in other episodes where it's suggested that Mac is gay (including his relationship with the Tranny).

Hahahaha. "I... don't... forgive you."
Haha. "Something tells me I'm gonna be here a long time." "Why's that?" "Your sweater's on backwards."
Hahahahahaha. "Does... my dick work?" "No. [...]" "Kill me."
Holy crap. Ruthless. He just kills her because she doesn't have her breasts anymore?
Ha. The simplicity of Frank's thoughts. (It came at the right time because I was thinking, they have to break the mold somehow.)
Haha. Ha. A parody of UP.
Haha. That end.

HAhahahaha. "Dennis, ask him how it's possible for you to talk through a cut phone wire."
Whaa.... (Bible)
Dude, that beer insert is awesome.
Haha. "That's not mine."
Lol. Why not send them home?
Ha. "Are you kidding me dude, I think you're going to die."
He's gonna be naked. (As they follow the sanitizer)
Ha. Close, in his undies.

They're talking about Die Hard.
It's Jimmy O. Yang. I haven't seen Silicon Valley, but my coworkers showed me some clips.
Hahahahaha. Charlie can't figure out the cheese.
WTF. Placebo effect or not, Charlie displays the ability to learn Mandarin via audiotapes.
Ha. Hahaha. "Deandra, are you holding onto the trap?"
WHAT THE FUCK. Spiders talking to cats.

Hahahaha. That volleyball match followed by the showering.
Hahahaha. The blackface washes off during the shower.
They switched roles during the shower scene.
"That's because we're not gay."

Ha. Literal. "Squashing beef" "Bury the hatchet" and "Wipe the slate clean"
Hahaha. The fake eye drawn.
Wow. McPoyle just wants an apology but Dennis would rather get the eye.

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