BLEACH Seasons 1-5 (First Viewing)

[Part of TV Series: BLEACH]

Episode 1


Episode 1
I never thought how short Rukia is compared to Ichigo.
Haha, her drawings is one of my favorite parts in the first few pages.
His breaking free of the kido is another favorite.

Episode 1

The opening credit song is in Japanese and the ending credit song starts in English and ends in Japanese.
Lol, after the credits we see Kon and at some point Ichigo interjects and says you don't appear until later!
1=20120125 1448-1511

Episode 2
LOLOL. I have vobby wobby volly.
1=20120125 1514-1537

Episode 3
Continuation of episode 2

Episode 3

I think this is the first episode where they translated the opening credit song. [Or possibly only episode]
There's a slight review of the last episode.
I still don't understand why Rukia didn't explain to Ichigo that destroying a hollow sends it to the Soul Society when his concern of seeing Orihime's brother behind the hollow's mask arose. Is it not the same soul? Is it not as good as sending the original soul to the Soul Society? [See episode 10] [Episode 11 though sort of answers this]
1=20120125 1537

Episode 4
Lol. It's strange to realize that the students are all around 15 years old.

Episode 4

I'd forgotten that Ichigo used the Spirit Ribbons this early in the series.
Lol, "That preview is one week early!"
1=20120125 1605

Episode 5
Continuation of episode 4
The first episode with Gates to the Netherworld.
1=20120125 1628

Episode 6
Lol, I personally wanted the rabbit. Hahaha.
Haha, Chad. I can't do it.
1=20120125 1652

Episode 5

Episode 7
Haha @14:30 Nice angle. I'm glad I'm stuffed animal.
They show the quincy in class.
Haha. There's no such show! Fun endings.
June 16.
1=20120125 1739

Episode 8
June 17.
1=20120125 1802

Episode 9
1=20120125 1827

Episode 6

Episode 10
Song translated.
Lol Don Kan'onji.
1=20120125 1850

Episode 11
Song translated.
The camera switches among those with high spirit energy and sense something wrong with the building.
I love "clog and hats"!
Hahaha. Bohahahaha.

Episode 9

Lol funny introduction. They all escape trouble. Haha.
Haha, Orihime in 3rd, Ichigo in 23rd, Chad in 11th, and Ishida in 1st.
Urahara .
1=20120125 1914

Episode 12
Song translated.
Crazy Ishida.
We see Tatsuki comment on seeing ghosts ever since the day she was attacked by the Hollow.
The first time Karin sees the hollows more clearly.

Episode 10

Yeah Chad!
Haha. Just like Ichigo. [pause] The way he kicks.
1=20120125 1941

Episode 13
Song translated.
Yay, it's Orihime's turn.
Haha I love when the villains explain their powers. So egotistic. I suppose in most cases the good guy would figure it out anyways.
Huh, Tatsuki could see the ghosts but can only see the frame of the Hollow.
Hehe Urahara.
1=20120125 2300

Episode 10

Episode 14
ST (It seems like all episodes will have song translated from here on out)
Strange that a bunch of soul reapers haven't shown up.
Hat-And-Clogs! Hahaha.
Aside from Urahara and his crew, why haven't other reapers shown up?
Lol @14:16. Cartoon of how Ichigo planned to take out Menos.
"If my spirit energy is high, isn't it always at maximum?" Yeah I remember reading that. Just as awesome in the manga as in this episode.
A different end credit song and images. Translated.

Episode 15

Byakuya's face to end the episode.
1=20120125 2323

Episode 15
Lol, Orihime seems a bit bustier than usual.
Lol, Kon goes flying.
Lol, "All the nutrients are going to her breasts that's why."
Poor Rukia.
I know it's the same song from the last episode, but it might have been different images.

Episode 16

Renji's face to end the episode.
1=20120125 2353

Episode 16
Aww... it's a montage of memories.
Renji and Byakuya.
In this episode the viewers will learn that each zanpakuto has a name.
Similar end credit to last.
Gin Ichimaru's face to end the episode.
1=20120126 0021

Episode 16 (?)

Episode 17
Okay, this will be the last episode for the night. Unless the fight between Renji and Ichigo continues. Man, Ichigo had Renji pinned. Crazy Spiritual Pressure.
Soul Chain and Soul Sleep.
1=20120126 0049

Episode 18
And so I have no discipline tonight. What if I end up watching to where I've read up to!?! No, I probably couldn't stay up that late. Haha.
Haha, you're eyebrows look so weird, Mr. Lieutenant.
@10:41 is another favorite part of mine in the book.
Lesson 1: Ururu vs. Ichigo

Episode 16 (?)

Lesson 2: Chain cut. Hahahah.
Oh no... I don't remember how he completes Lesson 2. Must continue...
Lol end credit humor: Urahara asks Jinta and Ururu how long it'll take Ichigo to come up. Jinta says 5 hours, Ururu says 12 hours, and Urahara says he won't.
1=20120126 0112

Episode 19
Hahahaha. Jinta and Ururu and their drool.
Oh right... he meets the spiritual incarnation of his zanpakuto and finds his Soul Reaper power. The explanation in this episode for some reason seems so much more clear than when I read it in the manga.
1=20120126 0136

Episode 18 (?)

Episode 20
Zangetsu. No hilt or hand guard.
One swing.
[20120126 1646]
Apparently I ended watching the show at the right cutting point. Episode 20 was the last of the first season, The Substitute.
1=20120126 0200


Episode 18

Episode 21
What an honorable guard.
Only three have survived the first thrust.
None have survived the second, until Ichigo.
1=20120126 1622

Episode 22
Shinso is Ichimaru's Zanpakuto.
1=20120126 1645

Episode 23
Lol, a Dalmation.
Kakuka doesn't have a prosthetic arm in the manga.
1=20120126 1713

Episode 24
Lol, Ichigo and his cannonball.
I don't remember who ends up being the good guy and who ends up being the bad guy, but I do remember liking Ichimaru's general way of handling things.
1=20120126 1737

Episode 25
Four streams? In any case, I already knew the outcome of Ichigo and Orihime reaching for each other, so that wasn't as exciting. Can't wait for the next episode.
1=20120126 1805

Episode 26
New opening credit song and scenes.
Oh Yoruichi separated from Ichigo and Ganju.

Haha, they got each other eh...
Huh, the annimation for Ganju running around the corridors is interesting.
Kisuke Urahara.
The problem with tricks is if they don't finish the opponent off, then you're short a trick. Haha.
Different end credit song and scenes too.
1=20120126 2304

Episode 27
The opening credits end at around 1:30.

Episode 19

The first scene shows that the inner ring is pretty big, so a lot of area to cover for what I suppose is not too many people, also taking into account some groups are purely used for other reasons like medical.
Ooo... pretty art @12:56
Haha Kenpachi and his lieutenant Yachiru.
The images for the end credits changed.
The focus is on Ichimaru, and perhaps his company.
1=20120126 2328

Episode 20 (?)

Episode 28
Ikkaku was a 3rd seat from the 11th division. The guy chasing Ganju was 5th seat.
4th seat of squad 7 against Ishida. Apparently no contest.
End credits change again, the focus is on the 11th division.
1=20120126 2355

Episode 29
Oh wow, Ishida shot out the Soul Sleep and whatever to take away the dude's power.
Hmm... though with Renji in 11, then Kenpachi would have known that Ichigo
I wasn't paying too much attention to the end credits, but I believe the focus was on Mayuri.
The ending face was Tosen.
1=20120127 0027

Episode 30
A bum job that turns out to be useful. Squad 4 and the sewer system.
Oh no, it's Renji Abarai. And I say that not because he's a danger, but because then I'll probably have to watch another episode to see the end of the fight. Haha.
End credits is 4th division.
Ending face was 10th division lieutenant.
1=20120128 0035

Episode 31
I like how this episode goes back to Urahara's teachings
I love the three things. So far one of the cooler episodes.
Focus on division 2. With some scenes of SPOILER fighting.
Ending face was 12th division lieutenant. Nemu Kurotsuchi.
1=20120128 0100

Episode 21

Episode 32
Backstory on Rukia and Renji.
Focus on 9th division.
End face Jirobo.
1=20120128 2136

Episode 33
Lol Karin and Jinta: "Not interested!"
Wow, I mostly don't remember this story. Raku, the cat.
Though I do vaguely remember Karin and Jinta competing.
Focus on division 7. Sajin Komamura wears his helmet.
1=20120128 2201

Episode 34
The hollow mask is perhaps one of my favorite elements in the story.

Episode 21

Wait, so wouldn't all these soul reapers being defeated result in prison?
Toshiro Hitsugaya.
That's a full mask. So it must be knew.
Captain Aizen up there, the first time I saw that scene in the book, is pretty scary.
Focus on division 5. [In general these focuses go to the captain and the lieutenant of the divison]
1=20120128 2226

Episode 35
Division 8 Captain to go after Chad.
Focus on division 10.
1=20120128 2249

Episode 36
Focus on division 1.
1=20120128 2332

Episode 37
Haha, the petals.
The Chad and Ichigo backstory is a great one.
Focus on division 8.
1=20120128 2356

Episode 38
Getting kind of sleepy, but this is Ichigo and Kenpachi!
Focus on division 13.
1=20120129 0019

Episode 39
1=20120129 0044

Episode 23

Episode 39
So I had seen most of the episode yesterday, in between drifting to sleep.
Apparently I've forgotten many details from the manga.
In any case, we eventually learn who Ichigo was really fighting, in some sense. I'm just as confused as when reading the manga on the meaning of the conversation. The being speaks as if he's not Zangetsu, and says "His power is going to... be mine eventually." Answer: Hollow Ichigo
New end credit song. Pans around to most of the characters, Ichigo, his sisters, his friends, and the captains.
1=20120129 0915

Episode 40
"What do you mean, 'Sorry everybody.' You won you idiot." Fall. Bells jingle.
Oh good, Ichigo must have been conscious enough to hear.
Aww... I love Yachiru and Kenpachi's back story.
Hmm... it seems that Zaraki, at the moment he found himself weak after the battle attempted to speak with his sword, but seemingly a fail.
She's the soul reaper who killed my brother!
Oh there's two lieutenants in 13? Answer: No, there is no lieutenant and two third seat officers.
1=20120129 0941

Episode 24 (?)

Episode 41
Another mask. We conclude definitely that he's producing new masks.
Lol, the way Yoruichi doesn't care that Ichigo sees her full body naked is funny. And then even after putting on a shirt teases him about seeing the lower half. Hahahaha.
Hmm... Ukitake identified Ichigo's spiritual level as that of a captain.
Haha, I can see you Byakuya.
Haha, I was thinking Yoruichi would come and retrieve Ichigo, but I didn't know how. I forgot to take into account that they were hiding not too far from where Rukia was being kept.
1=20120129 1011


Episode 42
Flash master Yoruichi.
1=20120129 1049

Episode 43
Mayuri Kurotsuchi always frightened me.
Yeah, Kurotsuchi vs. Ishida.
1=20120129 1117

Episode 44
Kurotsuchi is the first to use Bankai.

Incredible blow at around 16 min.
A blow to the head would have killed Kurotsuchi.
1=20120129 1141

Episode 45
Lol in this episode, when it showed Renji in the cell recovered, I was wondering back to the other episode where his sword was in the cell with him. And then thinking that having his hands bound won't affect his use of the sword to escape. Then about a minute later, he is shown to break out. Hahaha.
1=20120129 1207

Episode 46
Some back story on Renji, Hinamori, and Kira.
1=20120129 1236

Episode 44

Episode 47
Lol. Yoruichi taking a bath. Hilarious reactions between her and Ichigo.
1=20120129 1258

Episode 48
Skipped to 2:30
The date has been moved forward again.
1=20120129 1321

Episode 49
Skipped to 1:30
We get to hear about Kaien Shiba
Battles to protect lives... and battles to protect pride.

She blames herself, but it's not really her fault for killing Shiba. I don't like when people are irrational like that. Overly dramatic. The only reason to let it slide here is because it allows for drama between characters. In particular here, between Ganju and Rukia.
1=20120129 1343

Episode 50
Lol, Kon to be in a dress like a Sailor Scout. Or perhaps in fact a Sailor Moon.
Lol, Father, Mother, the tempura was delicious. (?)
Hahaha, poor Kon.
1=20120129 1405

Episode 51
Lol "it reminds me of a scene out of a typical samurai drama."
Lol Yachiru.

To start is a two-on-one and two-on-two battle.
1=20120129 1505

Episode 52
New opening theme
In addition to the battles to start in the next episode, we have Byakuya and Renji.
The split screen between Renji and Ichigo is another favorite of mine from the manga.
New ending theme
Multiple ending faces: Toshiro Hitsugaya (Squad 10 Captain), Jushiro Ukitake (Squad 13 Captain), Renji Abarai (Squad 6 Lieutenant), Byakuya Kuchiki (Squad 6 Captain), Sosuke Aizen (Squad 5 Captain), Gin Ichimaru (Squad 3 Captain). Along with comments.
1=20120129 1528

Episode 53
Skipped 1:30.
Ending face: Rangiku Matsumoto (Squad 10 Lieutenant) lol Kon says such divine cleavage, Retsu Unohana (Squad 4 Captain), Momo Hinamori (Squad 5 Lieutenant), Nanao Ise (Squad 8 Lieutenant), Soi Fon (Squad 2 Captain), Yoruichi Shihoin (the former leader of the Punishment Force) haha she can turn into a cat.
1=20120129 1555

Episode 54
Short intro difference. Skipped 1:30.
One of my favorite parts, Ichigo stepping in to save Rukia from the Sokyoku.
1=20120129 1618

Episode 55
Yay Yoruichi!
1=20120129 1711

Episode 56
Sogyonokotowari and Katenkyokotsu. Both dual blades.
Yoruichi vs Soi Fon is a great fight.
Flash Master Yoruichi
1=20120129 1734

Episode 57
Skipped to 3:00.
Getsuga tenshō.
1=20120129 1939

Episode 58
This entire episode for Byakuya vs. Ichigo.
Byakuya says, it's as if he is...
I love the Bankai change in uniform and sword. In the episode it happens at around 13:00
1=20120130 1610

Episode 58

Episode 59
Byakuya says Ichigo is the second person to see this senkai. Used only when he vows to kill someone with his own hands.
Oh I was really surprised at 12:25. I totally didn't remember this part of the manga.
1=20120130 1637

Episode 60
Lol, Hinamori is too emotionally unstable. (Remark made @ around 9:00)
She doesn't even notice that he said "I'm glad I had you as a subordinate." The point being the word 'had.'
Huh... admiration is the state furthest from understanding. I think that's what Aizen said.
1=20120130 1830

Episode 58

Episode 61
I didn't realize Aizen was that powerful.
1=20120130 1854

Episode 62
1=20120130 2207

Episode 63
"Because of you, the rain has finally stopped." That's so beautiful
Haha, "Time's Up!" Followed by, "That was nostalgic." (Because they did that for the first couple episodes of season one)
Yay, I reached the end of the third season. And just about reached where I've read. So I'll stop watching BLEACH and either read some more or just take it easy on watching too many new movies and such.
1=20120130 2322

Episode 76 (?)


Episode 64
And I can't stay away. Hahaha. It's so convenient to watch this show, because each episode is so short.
New end theme.
1=20120131 2119

Episode 65
I was planning to stop, but with Inoue taken, I can't help but watch the next episode.
The phone game, like in... the one Clint Eastwood movie. Dirty Harry.
Except he won.

Huh, now Chad. I guess I haven't read any of this. I feel like I would vaguely remember. I must have skipped some. Because I read a part where Ichigo was running into some dark world along a path of white steps following behind someone who was creating the steps. At some point, Ichigo led the way, but his steps were a bit shakier at first. Or maybe the person who was leading was weakening and so Ichigo took over. I don't remember.
1=20120131 2138

Episode 66
Ishida saves the day!
1=20120206 1839

Episode 67
Lol... "take it off"
Pointing fingers.
1=20120206 2113

Episode 68
Lol, "What a heartless prostration."
1=20120206 2140

Episode 69
1=20120206 2217

Episode 70
Lol Kon says 180 degree great cliff.
Poor Hanataro.
The ending credit had a couple new images. But same song.
1=20120206 2246

Episode 71
Lol, rumours you're the worst. If you want to hear more, you'll have to go through the proper channels. Burn.
Lol Kon and the whoopee cushion.
Lol Kenpachi's bells.
1=20120207 1050

Episode 72
WTF, Ganju!?!
Lol, yeah, it was odd that they left the body behind. Lol. Kon's job.
1=20120207 1118

Episode 73
1=20120207 1141

Episode 74
Lol all the endings with that one young captain are funny.
1=20120210 2309

Episode 75
New title song. No subtitles.
Lol @10 when they run around putting each other into their gigai.
New end credit song.
And unfortunately it's midnight and so I must go to sleep in time for modern dance tomorrow.
1=20120210 2334

Episode 76
Subtitled song.
Ichigo enveloping his body in spiritual pressure. That's pretty awesome.

Getsuga tenshō.
Lol, bananas.
1=20120214 2131

Episode 77
Lol. Yachiru and Byakuya. This time it's Byakuya explaining he's at the lieutenants meeting in place of his lieutenant Renji. Then when Yachiru starts talking he stuffs a bread into her mouth which she happily chews on.
1=20120220 2246

Episode 78
Lol, Ganju comes following the scent of gloomy spiritual pressure.
Lol, Jinta is so mean.
Oh man, Ichigo's approach towards Renji was suspenseful.
1=20120220 2319

Episode 82

Episode 79
Wait, how do mod souls eat?
Lol, Rukia and her coffee comment
1=20120221 1057

Episode 80
Lol, Rukia opens the closet door and tells them to be quiet.
Lol, silly Bount traps.
Lol, Lirin and Kurodo's plan backfires.
1=20120221 1023

Episode 81
Mabashi talked about the side effects faced by the old man and yet they still drink up. Tsk tsk tsk. Aww... and he's force fed the souls.
What a cliffhanger!
1=20120225 2354

Episode 82 (?)

Episode 82
Omg, I love the blackout and reveal @19:09.
Gah! Can't stop watching with all these battles.
I wonder if or when Ichigo will achieve bankai in the world of the living.
Hahaha Yachiru is so cute!
1=20120226 0025

Episode 83
Oh right, one thing I find interesting is why they insist on fighting the doll as opposed to fighting the Bount. Sure the doll protects the Bount like a sword protects the wielder, but just fighting the doll is like just fighting a sword.
Izuru Kira.
1=20120226 0052

Episode 84

Episode 84
Ok, if this episode ends in a cliffhanger, I will still stop.
Oh I forgot about Izuru's sword ability.
I think them not noticing that his doll entered Rukia is a little beyond what I normally accept as tolerable ignorance.
1=20120226 0120

Episode 85
What bullshit. Kariya said "No Bount can resist the allure of soul-sucking. The same thing has happened to Mabashi..." Well, Mabashi was forced by Kariya and then became addicted.
Lol, again with this idea that she has to fight Rukia in lieu of Mabashi.
Ooo, plan. Can't wait to hear what Kurodo's plan is.

Episode 85

Thank you, Kurodo @13:42. "How about directly attacking the Bount controlling the doll controlling Rukia?"
Orihime is so weak that it's annoying.
Finally strength @20:00.
Hahaha. Ganju uses seppa in the convenience store.
1=20120226 2017

Episode 86
Lol. Noba: Rockfish. And is Matsumoto flying?
Lol, I like how she said that with a smile. "Seems like everybody is having a difficult time."
Also, soul protection?

Episode 86

Hmm as they are discussing at 10:53, it seems reasonable to get Ganju in on the action.
Ururu! She's one of my favorite.
Lol this episode is a whole other view of Matsumoto.
1=20120226 2050

Episode 87
Aww... Ururu! "Oh... I'm back..."
New end credit theme. It only revolves around the main characters: Ichigo, Rukia, Orihime, Ishida, Chad, Kon, Kurodo, Noba, and Lirin.
1=20120226 2118

Episode 88
1=20120227 2155

Episode 89
Rangiku: "This doll uses the shadows that are produced by the eyes as a gateway!"

Too many flashbacks and memories. Not necessarily in this episode, but in total throughout the last several episodes.
Lol, first Byakuya sits in for Renji at the Lietenants' Meeting and now Kurotsuchi sits in for Nemu at the female meeting.
1=20120227 2225

Episode 90
Lol, "but it's not beautiful."
Dude, Kariya is such a jerk. He asks Ichigo, "How many bounts do you have to kill?" Well... Ichigo and gang have killed none. Kariya has basically killed three and a half. Cain, the girl, the guy, and tainted Mabashi.
Hmm @20:15, and prior, obviously the thought that crosses the mind is that Ichigo will need to depend on his hollow self to fight. Ichigo, when asked by Urahara thought about that moment. When will that happen? Or will it need to happen...
Strength restrictions? Oh right. Captains and other Soul Reapers have strength restrictions put on them. Maybe that was released for other Soul Reapers by special permission when called in. But Ichigo has no such restrictions. Interesting.
Huh... Kariya reveals his plans to Ichigo. Interesting.
1=20120228 1812

Episode 91
Lol. "That shot of the both of you. You're not lovers." says Lirin. Hahaha.
1=20120301 1800


Episode 92

Episode 93

Episode 94

Episode 95
Byakuya against Kariya. Then enter Ichigo. So with all this reishi absorption, what will be the key to winning in the long run?
Exciting fight.
1=20120302 2125

Episode 96
Interesting story development.
1=20120302 2153

Episode 97
Not much story happening.
1=20120302 2322

Episode 98
New Opening Theme
Lol. I love Yachiru's nicknames for them. Jiggly. Itchy.
Lol. Kenpachi. "Noble my ass!"
Kenpachi vs. Ichinose is pretty cool.
1=20120302 2349

Episode 99
Mayuri can be a jerk, but I suppose ultimately he's fighting on the good side.
Lol, Noba and Chad in contrast to Lirin and Ichigo or Kurodo and Renji. I sensed them. Which way? It disappeared.
1=20120307 0010

Episode 100
Awesome moment @16:59 for Soi Fon.
Oh, interesting use of information. The doll rebounds on it's user if it senses weakness. Wow. While Mabashi was originally good, it's good to see corrupted Mabashi was destroyed.
1=20120307 0035

Episode 101
Dang... Mayuri kicks butt.
1=20120307 0100

Episode 102
It's interesting how the lower level Soul Reapers still attempt to stop people like Kariya. They should try to just be watchmen.
Did Ichigo make that hole? Oops. Haha.
1=20120309 2200

Episode 103
Good, in this episode they approach Captain Hitsugaya @20:36 and he replies that the squad that found the ryoka shouldn't lay their hands on him and wait for the Captain to join them.
1=20120309 2230

Episode 104
Go Hitsugaya.
1=20120309 2300

Episode 105
Lots of story told by Rantao.
1=20120310 1307

Episode 106
Lots of story told by Kariya.
Enter Ishida.
Damn Ishida.
1=20120310 1330

Episode 108

Episode 107
Hmm, if Ichigo more or less tied eye-patchless Kenpachi, and Kenpachi beat Ichinose, then Ichigo with his bankai shouldn't have a problem with Ichinose. Hmm... I guess they're both in a weakened state. Though Ichinose worse than Ichigo.
1=20120310 1355

Episode 108
Nice one Renji. He's proved to be Captain Kuchiki's equivalent in battle indeed.
Hahaha. Nice. @07:15. Move... Move... It'll move! ::slash:: ::touch face::
Lol, Byakuya just stands there.
1=20120310 1416

Episode 109
Some history with Rukia and Renji, before the events of season 1.
Surprise surprise. Koga.
This episode was so philosophical. Time and power.
I think the next season should begin the second story arc in the manga.
1=20120310 1440

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