Hugo (2011)

I wanted to watch this movie simply because it was directed by Martin Scorsese. In fact, I didn't know anything else about this movie prior to watching it. The beginning of the movie is a little slow. I recall being in jeopardy of nodding off to sleep, on account of being tired combined with the initial pacing.

Hugo (Asa Butterfield)

My friend pointed out that the movie is set in Paris and yet the characters are speaking with English accents. I don't mind this difference at all, since for me it's all or nothing. Either all the actors speak in the language their characters are supposed to speak or they can speak in any other language and with any other accent (as long as the intended language is clear). In application to this movie, I don't think speaking English with a French accent would have made it more authentic than speaking English with an English accent. I'm fine with knowing the movie is set in Paris and therefore the characters are actually speaking French.

There was only one other person in the theater besides my friend Josh and I.

Papa Georges (Ben Kingsley)

I recognized the main film in the movie when the movie got to the plot point where it actually showed the film being mentioned earlier in the movie. That's a mouthful, but if you've seen the movie, then you'll understand. If you haven't seen the movie, you should.

Johnny Depp was a producer.
Howard Shore did the music.
The credits are done screen by screen (instead of rolling).
They move pretty quickly.

Hugo and Isabelle (Chloe Grace Moretz)

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Hugo evades Inspector Gustave (Sacha Baron Cohen)

This is such a wonderful film. It has a certain charm to it. If you're looking for a family film or something heartwarming, then this film is sure to hit the spot. I should note, however, that the first time I saw the film, I found the automaton a bit frightening. I'd like to add that the film is also worth watching, because it includes a bit on the history of film itself.

Instant Comments:
I love how the audience got surprised by the train coming at them. I remember having a similar feeling when I watched one of those gimmicky 3D movies at Disneyland as a child.
I love the raw emotion found throughout this movie.
One of my favorite scenes is when all the pictures came flying up out of the box.


Papa Georges's story is such a sad one.
Ha. "Playing" is mentioned in jest as one of the offenses.
The scene that followed after "You should understand" brought half a tear to my eye.
Another half as Papa Georges walks down the steps.

Released 20111123.
Watched 20111211 Theatre. Garden Grove [HUGO 3D] 10:05PM $9.50
Watched 20130128 (Netflix, Instant)
Hugo (2011) Martin Scorsese. 126 min [botn The Invention of Hugo Cabret (2007) by Brian Selznick]

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