Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

This is possibly the first time I watched the movie in full.

I love the scene where Kris Kringle starts speaking Dutch.

It's a great classic (holiday) movie.

Fred Gailey: All my life I've wondered something, and now's my chance to find out. I'm going to find the answer to a question that's puzzled the world for centuries. Does Santa Claus sleep with his whiskers outside or in?
Kris Kringle: Always sleep with them out. Cold air makes them grow.

SUZIE: Mother, I was thinking... we've got such a big turkey for dinner... and there are only two of us. Couldn't we invite Mr. Gailey?
GAILEY: Oh, don't even think about it. I'll have a sandwich or something.
SUZIE: It's an awful big turkey.
DORIS: That's not it, dear... but I'm sure Mr. Gailey has other plans.
SUZIE: No, he hasn't. Have you?
GAILEY: To be quite honest and truthful with the child... I must admit I haven't any other plans.
SUZIE: Please, Mother! Did I ask all right?
SUZIE: Didn't I ask all right, Mr. Gailey?
GAILEY: That all depends.
DORIS: Dinner's at : .
GAILEY: Thanks. Suzie, honey, you asked just right. I'll see you at : .
SUZIE: It worked.

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Watched 20111221 (Netflix, Instant) (English subtitles)
Miracle on 34th Street (1947) George Seaton. 96 min [botnotsn (1947) by Valentine Davies]

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