The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

Plot Summary: The movie quickly establishes in the opening credits that Tintin is a famous reporter and has gone on many adventures. After the credits, the plot begins in a city square where Tintin purchases a model ship. Immediately after he purchases the ship, two men come with interest in the ship. Tintin refuses to sell the ship and brings it home. Curious as to why the ship is sought after, Tintin looks to examine the ship closely. His dog Snowy however chases a cat around the room and breaks the mast of the ship. From here on out, the mystery begins to unravel and plenty of action ensues. Eventually Tintin is captured and locked up, but he manages to escape and meets Captain Haddock. Together, the two flee, but not before Tintin gains additional information. Through a series of fortunate events, Tintin and Haddock make their way to Bagghar, their antagonist's next destination. Along the way, Haddock finally recalls the story of his ancestor, bringing together the antagonist's motives. Filled with action, this movie isn't one to miss.

Tintin (left, Jamie Bell)

We got to the theater and into our seats at about 2:20, but the movie hadn't started yet. The aisle lights were still on and the previews hadn't started yet. I guess they were a little behind schedule. The theater was also fairly empty. I suppose there was a low demand for movie watching at 2 in the afternoon. In any case, I watched the movie with my sister and my parents. This was significant, because the last time all four of us saw a movie in theaters together was The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001).

I enjoyed this movie. In particular, I enjoyed the 3D. The movie was action-packed and fast-paced. I loved it. I liked it a lot better than Hugo (2011). Of course, I generally favor more action-oriented movies. I look forward to watching the sequels.

Thomson (Nick Frost) and Thompson (Simon Pegg)

Trailers: ParaNorman (2012), Dr. Seuss's The Lorax (2012), Titanic 3D (2012)

3D Trailers: Brave (2012), Men in Black III (2012), Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, The Hobbit (2012)

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As I mentioned in the instant comments, this movie was just gorgeous to watch. I especially liked the way the camera moved around through the action sequences, of which there are many.

Captain Haddock (top, Andy Serkis)

I also enjoyed many of the scene transitions. For example, there was a scene where Tintin and Haddock shake hands, and then their hands become the desert horizon in the next scene. Another fun transition was when Haddock begins telling the story of his ancestor and some of the desert sands transitioned into ocean waves.

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Instant Comments:
2, 3: "I do believe I've captured something of your likeness."
3: The butler tips of Tin Tin, "some things are easily lost."
2: "Call an ambulance. A man's been shot on our doorstep." + "Not again."

"I do believe I've captured something of your likeness." "Not bad. Snowy, what do you think?"

2: There's a lot of action going on and the movie is fun to watch.
2: It's amazing how lifelike everything looks. The motion capture technology is amazing.
2: Haha, alcoholic breathe.
2, 3: Ha! The birds swirl around, but instead of being fictional, they're actually from the pet store.
3: My dad comments that it's a French story, but so instead they're speaking with British accents.
2: Fumes!?!
3: Ha. Upgraded to three stars.
2: The movie is gorgeous.

Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine (Danie Craig)

2: The glass breaking is awesome.
2=20130701, 3=20171224

As of 20171214, Netflix determined the movie for me as a 97% match.

Released 20111221.
Watched 20111225 Theater. Garden Grove [TINTIN 3D] 2:20PM $9.50
Watched 20130701 (Netflix, Instant)
Watched 20171224 (Netflix, Instant) (English subtitles)
The Adventures of Tintin (2011) Steven Spielberg. 107 min [bot comic book series otsn (1929-1976) by Georges Remi]

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