Ponyo (2008)

A magical goldfish named Brunhilde escapes her home and gets caught in a bottle.

Ponyo (Yuria Nara / Noah Cyrus)

Luckily, a young boy named Sosuke finds and frees her. Discarding the name Brunhilde, she calls herself Ponyo.

As the story progresses, Ponyo's father Fujimoto manages to find and bring Ponyo home. However, he's unable to keep her there as she uses her magic, transforms into a girl, and escapes for a second time.

Ponyo and Sosuke (Hiroki Doi / Frankie Jonas)

Meanwhile, as some balance in the world has been upset, the Moon begins drawing near to the Earth and a great storm begins to brew. In any case, Ponyo (in human form) reunites with Sosuke. That, however, is just half the story...


I love this movie!

Ponyo's father Fujimoto (George Tokoro / Liam Neeson)

[20160709 Edit]

Instant Comments:
3: I had forgotten how cute Ponyo was. Lying there on the jellyfish. Haha.
3: It's funny to see Sosuke try and pull Ponyo out. Would you pull a real fish like that? Haha.
3: While trying to reach Sosuke's father:
Sosuke: I'm taking care of everyone, Dad!
Ponyo: Ham!!!

3: "I used to be a fish." - Ponyo
3: "Thanks Ponyo will make it bigger." - Sosuke
3: Ponyo squishes the babies face after running across the water.
3: Huh... the stuff that was normal-sized shrunk?

I enjoyed watching the film in Japanese audio with English audio.

Granmamare (Yuki Amami / Cate Blanchett) and Fujimoto

On a different note, some time during the film I laughed when I remembered a comment a friend once made: Ponyo is an ugly looking goldfish. Thinking about his/her comment, I supposed he/she was right; she looks nothing like a goldfish, and yet apparently that's what she is.

Most Memorable Scene: [20110427] Ponyo runs pass Lisa and jumps onto Sosuke.

[20160709 Edit]

Instant Comments:
4: I fell asleep through a lot of the movie.

4: The first time I fell asleep was some time after Ponyo was riding on top of a gigantic gold fish.
4: I woke when Sosuke's mom was approaching Ponyo, but Ponyo ran right underneath her and straight to Sosuke.
4: It's so magical that Sosuke recognizes Ponyo.
4: I fell asleep again after Sosuke's mom left him and Ponyo to go back to the senior center.
4: I woke after the movie ended.

4: I should count how many times the theme song plays.

Watching the movie this time around, I found the ending didn't have as much impact on me as before.

Lisa (Tomoko Yamaguchi / Tina Fey)

I thought his love for Ponyo was somehow supposed to be tested. Was his trial simply to arrive at the senior center?

Regardless, I love the movie's themes and music.

Actually, despite how much I enjoy the movie, I'd have to believe that either the movie failed to deliver a comprehensible sequence of events or that some of the scenes were simply lost in translation.

Noriko (left, Akiko Takeguchi / Cloris Leachman), Yoshie (center, Tomoko Naraoka / Betty White), Toki (right, Kazuko Yoshiyuki / Lily Tomlin)

[20160330][20160709 Edit]

While going through the movie for screenshots (20160709), I rewatched the ending and I personally would have omitted the scene where the seniors and Lisa are shown sound and safe. That way, the scene where Fujimoto chases after Sosuke would seem more threatening, but only until we realize he was in fact looking out for Ponyo's best interest.

However, as it is, we're already shown where Fujimoto's feelings lie and the aforementioned scene simply brings confusion.

Released 20080719 (Japan)
Watched 2008???? Anime Club (Japanese audio, English subtitles)
Released 20090814 (USA)
Watched 20090819 Theatre. Edwards Charter Center 5 [PONYO] 9:35P (English audio)
Watched 20101024 (Netflix, Instant) (English audio) 103 minutes
Watched 20110222 DVD (Japanese audio, English subtitles)
Watched 20160330 DVD (English audio, no subtitles)
Ponyo (2008) Hayao Miyazaki. 101 min.
also known as Gake no ue no Ponyo (original title)

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