The Secret Garden (1993)

I watched the first 15 minutes of the movie yesterday (20101024). But I finished the movie in pieces today. So the initial acting when the kids are unhappy comes off as seeming forced. The scenes where they are happy are much more believable. I feel like if I were to pick up the book, I'd imagine in my head much different characters and dialogue. (Speaking of books, I should finish Ender's Shadow... but getting back to the comments...) Some of the narration was out of place. There wasn't a good lead in to the narration, or some of the narration was unexpected. Then there was one narrated line, that felt like more was going to be said, and it just ended. Narration in movies should be handled carefully.

The movie has its cute moments. But overall is just an okay movie.

Watched once before (in elementary school, probably VHS, from the public library)
Watched 20101025 (Netflix, Instant)
The Secret Garden (1993) Agnieszka Holland. 101 min. [botnotsn (1911) by Frances Hodgson Burnett]

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