Suzume (2022)

I loved the animation, the music, and the emotions in this movie. I did, however, get lost a few times with the plot and it wasn't until I did some external reading that I understood the earthquake theme.

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 98% match. I decided to give the movie a thumbs up.
Rating: 4.6 / 5

Instant Comments:
Hmm... I guess her hesitation to help makes sense as there is perceived danger; plus I guess it helps build tension
hehe "You're in the way"
hehe. is chasing a cat as a three-legged chair reasonable?
hehe. delusional. He could hardly close the door by himself as a human and now he wants to close it as a small child's chair...
hmm... how could this cat simply pass being a Keystone to Souta; why not someone else? or how could a normal human be a Keystone? seems illogical
Souta's grandfather knows the cat, and speaks to him kindheartedly
that's a real nice track (after she visits Souta's grandfather) [It's titled "Suzume" and has the most plays on Spotify (139M) on the Motion Picture Soundtrack (first single); the second most played track "KANATA HALUKA" has 46M plays (and is the album's second single), followed by a track with 7M, then 6M, then 3.5M and the rest have no more than 2M plays per track.
ah... Suzume asks Daijin if anyone can be a Keystone or just closers.
Sadaijin. Creepy
Hahaha. The roof to the convertible is fixed after the accident
Hmm. 20 km is about 12 miles. I guess it's not so bad
oh right, the other side of that door [Ever-After] was explained to span across time [interestingly, for the passing of the chair to work, it would have to magically never age and have no origin; apparently this particular time travel paradox of self-causality is called "The Bootstrap Paradox"][a comment on Reddit had a better explanation: the chair got lost in the Ever-After during the tsunami, and also lost a leg during that time, old Suzume on the way to approaching young Suzume spots the broken chair and hands it to young Suzume]
It's not explicitly stated, but the earthquake is mentioned throughout the movie, and so it is implied that her mother died from the earthquake

Watched 20240421 (Netflix, Instant)
Suzume (2022) Makoto Shinkai. 122 min

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