Yesterday (2019)

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I'd imagine they'll make love by the end of the movie
he's quite talented to rebuild all the songs which he did not mostly memorize
hehe the frustration that his parents don't know "Let it Be" and he says it's akin to da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa in front of their eyes. I think as a consequence that part of The Beatles craze has to be the singers themselves, and their popularity which helps propogate the popularity of their songs
of course it's good that he's a good singer
hmm will this Gavin be a third wheel / create a love triangle, I hope not
that's a prolonged punchline "you look like Ed Sheeran, you know? " "I am Ed Sheeran"
hahahaha. only kidding about the rapping.
huh it panned to a guy who looked a little confused (during "Back in the USSR"). maybe it's just a coincidence or maybe some other people have lingering memories... though perhaps still early in the movie... I just feel... maybe later in the movie things return to normal or be wakes from a coma but also learns something. maybe being a star isn't what he wants. maybe what he wants is Elle. also, he knows it isn't his music (he tried to tell Elle earlier) and he must be passionate about his own songs as well
oh ok, after he leaves it pans back to the man...
hehe that man is still just standing there
haha. he tried to sneak in "Summer Song"; I knew it. if he was just in it for fame he wouldn't care about his own songs. but he wants to have his cake and eat it too. perhaps he figured he can use Beatles songs to get famous and then share his own songs along the way... but it just doesn't mesh
I think... it seems like all the things he loved got erased, so that goes to my theory that this is all in his head. though oddly a random russian guy wouldn't be in his head.... but it wasn't just The Beatles, it was Oasis (wonderwall), then Coca-Cola, and now cigarettes. items which otherwise don't seem connected in anyway.
weird the woman from the airport followed him
this conversation between him and Elle before he has to catch the plane aligns with my thoughts on the direction of the film. perhaps it's a cookie cutter romance.
hehe "Hey Dude" altering a classic because it isn't a classic yet... (same as the album names). and he tries to wake himself up
Ah! ok the foreshadowing was there. I called it. Gavin
interesting twist on the sentiment of the two persons (which is neat cause for sure earlier I thought, if it were me I'd be screwed. I would remember thr beatles but likely it'd take me forever to even figure out a decent version of even a single song)
hehe so he didn't wake up from a coma and that ending was a different resolution... good, happy end
hehe Harry Potter

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Yesterday (2019) Danny Boyle. 116 min

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