Ender's Game (2013)

Overall, I remember a lot of the excitement of the book was in Ender's progressing in the Battle Room and moving up in the ranks with his unique strategy such as freezing his legs and going feet first. There was also a portion about his members getting their own toons and competing as well. In this movie, all that excitement is basically summarized in a couple of seconds that show Dragon Army moving up the ranks.

Rating: 3.6/5

Instant Comments:
hmm says doesn't hurt and it hurts, why no anesthetics
interesting... invited to the program and now father turns about face on feelings
escaping gravity with probably multiple gs and little change on their face. curiously no helmets either. I guess that's scifi...
hehe no sir to smartest but yes you will to command
oh Hailee Steinfeld is in this movie
I see he soaped himself up to make him slippery from a grapple
I vaguely remember that Ender killed someone, perhaps I thought earlier the kid he thought he beat up was killed and they didnt let him know. but this makes more sense I suppose as the earlier situation foreshadows this situation [it turns out I was right. Stilson did later die from his injuries, but this was not detailed in the movie]
the Colonel mentions Ansible in passing without first informing Ender and the audience what that means (I looked it up and its an instant communication method)
Mazer Rackham huh I didnt remember him whether this is a fake or not. but he allowed Ender the info on the vid without question
I recall in the book that his commanders knew [I can't find this to be the case so it seems I misremembered]
quite a scene... his monologue about genoicde and such
ah this end scene with him saying the formic queen was trying to communicate with him, I must have missed that in the book

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Ender's Game (2013) Gavin Hood. 114 min

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