The Hateful Eight (2015)

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1a: she winked at him, but it could mean many things. like hey Im working with you or just hey buddy you see how crazy I am? but logically it wouldn't make sense for her to be worning with him because what would she be giving to him. she's only valuBle if dead 1a: ah Michael Madsen was both in Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill (other films by Tarantino)
1a: steam blowing from rim of his hat is a cool effect
1a: hmm OB could have reconstructed a gun from the basket, so while John semi trusts him, this could be a window of opportunity to turn around
1b: resuming at around 1:19:00 (OB coming in from the cold); I think the Hangman checked John's paperwork but there's no paper work to check of the Hangman
1b: that's quite a monologue (Warren's story about how he killed the man's boy); whether it was real or not, he succeeded in goading Smithers to shoot
1b: that was a beautiful moment (Domergue singing and playing guitar); perhaps cause it contrasts with her crazy personality
1b: hehe "she started letting in dogs"
1b: whoa. the head practically exploded
1b: that's quite a twist (below)
1b: hehe "I ain't got no gun, Sheriff"
1b: hehe. blasted her brother's head
1b: I figure after all this talking they're all dead (typical of a Tarantino movie for most if not all persons to die)
1b: Huh. That's a surprise. Chris didn't take the deal. It's not clear to me why [he gives a reason]
1b: hehe Mannix faints
1b: huh. Warren says they'll both die (Chris and Warren)
1b: hanging
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The Hateful Eight (2015) Quentin Tarantino. 168 min

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