Bee and PuppyCat

Today, between the sixth and seventh episode, I read about the show on Wikipedia. Apparently the first three episodes on Netflix are a retelling of the first season (the original first ten episodes are about six minutes each and can be found on YouTube).

I finished the series today and I really hope there's a follow-up season. With that being said, there's been some closure and watching the series again would surely result in picking up on a lot of foreshadowing or details that simply were more speculation when one first encounters them. In particular, typically when details are first revealed, they are revealed in a way where the viewer doesn't know which information is to be trusted. However, after knowing the ending, one can go back and absorb the same information with a different light. Some of it may still be considered untrustworthy, but it's better than nothing. So yeah, I will definitely watch this series again.

Episode 1:
1: huh why did she get fired. did she take the fall?
1: multiple levels of cutness and weird (why didn't I get a uniform)
1: hahahaha use the sword like a sword. dont tell me what to do
1: wow this first episode was ... interesting in the span of 30 minutes. I would watch more but it's late and im tired.

Episode 2:
1: This episode introduced a new character with a mom who is asleep and also a weird black monster after them which they ignored instead of dealt with... strange but fun show

Episode 3:
1: hands comes back. apparently Bee is some kind of robot? but also PuppyCat seems to know?

Episode 4:
1: in this episode we learm that the Cat Cafe is a family operation. this confirms why Deckard looks like Cas

Episode 5:
A: Today I restarted the fifth episode cause I fell asleep through end of it.
A: the pregnancy is a strange side story
A: Bee apologizes for calling PuppyCat selfish. She's so sweet

Episode 6:
1: hwhe dumps the stuff in the toilet (her fridge as from other episode)
1: huh he identfies all this gadgetry as his

Episode 7:
1: This episode was more on the cute than strange side. a sweet ending (I thought perhaps there was going to be an unfortunate twist: that their entering this world and having the man win would somehow screw everything up)

Episode 8:
1: Huh. interesting dream/memory. I played it back to hear it again.
1: The song suggests PuppyCat is a space outlaw.
1: Huh. They're "Team Puppycat"
1: Wait a minute... does this baby with the hammer grow up to become Cardamom? Cardamom also uses a hammer and very good with tinkering.
1: it's the ring from the armchair
Episode 9:

Episode 10:
1: Hahahaha. There's a cake on a random kid's head.

Episode 11:
1: Paused on the code. It's Python. There's a method named `delete_widget`, a method named `cal_next_position`, and a class named `Ball` though the initialize function has two variables, neither of which is used, and one of the parameters in the first line is not defined (`ball_color`).
1: Hehe. She just paddles past her brothers.
1: PuppyCat reveals to Bee about being on the run

Episode 12:
1: Smile. "It's us." "I know"
1: Smile. Bee can tell it's a birthday cake
1: Smile. Cute. Their dodging the hooks.
1: Hehe. "Hey there's plenty of food in the toilet if you want something."
1: So what do they do if they want to use the toilet?
1: Haha! "I don't see how you sleep on this couch every single... (snore)"
1: Aww... "I hope I didn't pull the covers off of him. I do that when I'm cold and greedy."
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Episode 13:
1: Hehe. "Wow. No!!!"
1: Hehe. Strange ending (the fish dumps Wesley)
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Episode 14:
1: WTF. PuppyCat's poop completely cleaned the planet?
1: Hehe. Still reported
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Episode 15:
1: Hehe tryign to get rid of the blobs. That cat was being so sarcastic
1: Ah... Moully recognizes the source of the weird flowers as the wish crystals
1: Hehe. "I come here to get away from my dog."
1: Smile. Puppycat made a handpuppet Bee and she's wearing a little shirt with a bee on it.
1: Moully explains because the mom ate half and the puppy ate half, that neither truly got their wish.
1: "Why your left hand?" "Who cares."

Episode 16:
1: Hehe. This prince character is really friendly (wanting to help Deckard and just following him around)
1: Hehe coin purse
1: Huh. Weird. Why is Bee's stuff related to PuppyCat's stuff? We know PuppyCat's origins but not really Bee's origins
1: Huh. His mom sounds justa little bit like Bee.
1: Puppycat recognizes Bee's guts
1: Hehe. That's dark. People are falling off as the ship raises.
1: Oh! PuppyCat is catching them all!
1: Smile. "I'm tired of you assholes."
1: Ah. Her guts pop out as the personas in the image at the beginning of the episode (like Sailor Moon Bees).
1: Hahaha. The one brother is already tied in.
1: "Unhook me when we find your stupid dad."
1: Summary after first pass through entire season: so... in PuppyCat's flashback episode, it was Space Outlaw (PuppyCat), Violet (Cardamom's mother), and Bird (the genius baby who apparently is Bee's dad). For some reason, both Violet and Cardamom were supposed to be put to sleep, but Cardamom woke up. [On Violet's Wiki page, it is written that adult Bird was working to help fix the ship, during which time people began to inhabit what they thought was an island, and Violet became their landlord.]

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