Hulk (2003)

Overall I liked this story of the hulk. There was more at stake. I didn't, however, like his grand size. In particular, how am I suppose to believe his underwear stretched that much. If he had stretchable pants why not buy a stretchable shirt?

Anyways, I can see how this type of Hulk doesn't align with the movie style for most modern day MCU. It's too much of a horror story (a mix between Frakenstein and Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 99% match. I decided to give neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.
Instant Comments:
1a: Too much reading
1a: Stan Lee and Kevin Feige are executive producers
1a: Weird, slow opening. (Everything before him in a bicycle helmet)
1a: Very strange how he becomes a scientist doing the same research as his father
1a: Stan Lee cameo
1a: Interesting all these transitions. (e.g., various views before the frog explodes)
1a: Wow. they were connected since a young age?
1a: Oh. His last name is something other than Banner (on the office doors)
1a: Hehe. The transitiosn after "In the meantime Bruce, you will be hearing from me."
1a: Oh. Nick Nolte. The father didn't seem to look like this earlier... [Young David Banner was played by Paul Kersey]
1a: Huh. What was he pocketing in his hand? [It is revealed in a few scenes]
1a: This Hulk looks so strange. And freakishly big. He's like two and a half times as tall as Betty. [The Wikipedia page says The Hulk is between 7 and 8 feet. A Quora said the Hulk in this film was 15 to 25 feet tall and became taller as he got more angry]
1a: This entire fight sequence fighting dog seems like something in a B movie horror.
1a: Paused at 1 hour 9 minute mark.
1b: wow. cool visuals hand changing but doesnt make sense. his hand taking on material property of what it touches
1b: hilarious. talbot wants to fire the missile, it bounces and blows him from behind and theres kind of a funny freeze frame
1b: cool moment learning to jump
1b: I guess the problem with this hulk story is no superheroness. it's rather a sad story where something happened to Bruce traumatic, and now he is a monster by no fault of his own, but has to go on the run
1b: is it a coincidence that the men were uninjured or intentional
1b: they made that moment with the plane and sf bridge intentional
1b: hehe "puny human"
1b: wait a minute... no no you're gonna get him killed if he turns back to a human
1b: lol, I assume their listening to this conversation and they're just gonna let it go on?
1b: very interesting threat and perhaps a testament to how much power hulk wields: "you think you can handle it? take it! take it all!"
1b: weird to place such a call one year later but sure, it establishes some closure while assuring the hulk is alive hehe the ending... you do not want to make me angry
1a=20231203, 1b=20231205
Watched first half 20231203, second half 20231205 (Netflix, Instant) (Last day to watch 20231231)
Hulk (2003) Ang Lee. 138 min

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