The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)

Ben and I watched this movie today.

I was tempted to grab my phone and make notes but I decided to go from memory instead.

Aa: I had heard/read a little on Chris Pratt but a non-accented or perhaps subtly accented Mario. on the one hand, sure don't force it an accent, but also... why not? in fact, they do this whole commercial bit alluding to it as kind of this comedic bit to explain that something. note that Mario and Luigi still come from a family of Italians, just that him and Luigi have less heavy accents. ok so I suppose it's not a huge deal.
Aa: lots of great music adaptations, sound effects...
Aa: oh lol that part where Mario is doing all sorts of crazy stuff, only to simply open the door for Luigi. at one point even sliding down a pole. tons of references and fan service like that. that scene, in particular, was done with a side-to-side platformer-like view. well executed
Aa: Toad was cool
Aa: I remember wondering why Pricess peach was the princess of the toadstools... as she's human but she actually explains that later on the movie
Aa: I didn't like Peach's appearance in the first part of the movie, especially her stiff hair. for some reason later in the movie her hair gains movement. perhaps this was intentional but weird to me. but again I was not initially liking the 3D model especially the head and hair.
Aa: note thay while her voice was different from Peach's voice clips in a Nintendo game, it was easier to get used to than Mario, plus it had a nice attitude to it.
Aa: they implemented shrooms and 1 hit.
Aa: oh (too tired to recall entire set of thoughts)
Ab: Not a fan of some of Bowser's designed personality. I find it unbelievable.
Ab: The duet scene between Bowser and Kamek doing the popular theme song is great
Ab: I got teary and full of emotion when it turned out that Luigi showed up to block the fire for Mario. I had assumed that the scene would have played out that Mario simply reached the star in time and would show up unscathed. The appearance of Luigi to help, and also share in the star was super awesome.
Ab: Initially when a kart was first used, I thought it was an interesting use of referencing Mario Kart. And then later when it was more incorporated, where each of Princess Peach, Mario, and Toad got to design their own karts, that was super cool. Again, practically everything in this movie is just cramming in reference after reference.
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Watched 20231215 (Netflix)

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