Episode 1
*20231230: Actually I don't seem to have any record of when I watched the first episode, but this date kind of made sense.

Episode 2
interesting thing is the Chief Inspector didn't want any of this
is this person the buyer?
hehe his flat followup speech
if you can't find it here it must not be worth finding
huh the initial part of the episode had me thinking the authorities were going to arrive by the end. but certain plot
elements got dragged out... so appropriate suspense

Episode 3
hehe. his distrust and reaction by making the call led to this moment. i guess he was under the influence and upset and jealous and emotions are difficult to handle. also makes for more interesting plot
dont you want to fight these bastasrds for real?
oh wow. shot dead for why... the guy was coming unarmed
"gets to you doesn't it" "That's what a reckoning sounds like"
hehe when it stops
hehe Luthen (caption) just says "kill him"
that's a fake.
this guy is gonna be in so much trouble... now more people are dead and stirred up politics
interesting way to bring an end to the episode: his coming and going juxtaposedn but lots of blanks missing such as him leaving his sister only to later be trying to find her

Episode 4
is the Scarif statement suppose to be meaningful reference? [according to the Wiki page, the planet was created for the film Rogue One; as such, those familiar with Rogue One would probably recognize the planet name]
yeah interesting. an object worth at least 50k expected to be returned, relative to a payment of 200k
is she retrieving the starpath unit for... like is she a spy? she seems high up but perhaps it is possible
huh, she's only been there a year.
hehe "can I eat my food"
oh, in credits Stellan Starsgard. ok, I was pretty sure he was the actor scientist in Thor (that is Stellan Starsgard, right?) [yes]

Episode 5
interesting the story is still following this character. wonder what will happen
Uncle Harlo...
hehe "it's too random to be random" (true randomness would typically result in some clustering) [interestingly, there was a whole situation where iPods on shuffle were random, but in doing so sometimes played songs which were close together and so didn't feel random enough to users...]
Cassian has been shown to read people well (earlier with left and right hands) so he probably figured out that he should (or probably was tricked into) revealing he was paid and that would help committment to the job by the others

Episode 6
hehe believe in something but no sleep, versus believe in nothing but sleep well
Says the boy can dress himself but he himself essentially can't dress himself
I think if they're behind schedule, they just make out with less than they expected. They shouldn't be too greedy (the lights were just turned off)
I feel like one soldier is going to try and be brave and swipe a gun leading to plenty of shooting...
Oh okay. They didn't seem to be after everything (Gorn tells them to wrap up)
Hmm... all that work and jeopardizing the mission by not providing numbers
Huh. What exactly were they navigating using the device... through the commets
Wow. Skeen talking about taking half and Cassian makes the choice (rightly so) to kill Skeen... very quick thinker (cause easily Skeen would betray Cassian and kill Cassian)

Episode 7
Huh... Cassian is considered a loose end... would he still have been a target if he hadn't left? did he leave exactly because he read this?
Wow. He returned home...
Hmm... She seems worried about something else (first thing in the morning)
She mentions Clem hanging
hehe... she was happy about the robbery which unknown to her Cassian was a part of... but he doesn't mention anything
hehe. Blevin humiliated
"Well played." "Thank you, Sir." "Watch your back"

Episode 8
Andy Serkis
Hehe. I was thinking he'd observe and optimize something or get it but neither of those happened; I guess he was just overwhelmed
Saw Gerrera

Episode 9
Hmm. Perceptive. Even if she says, they won't believe her. But if you could like after being tortured, that'd be ideal. Like pretend you're revealing information under distress
That's a great facial expression with a well-timed scream
Wow. What a twist. They're sisters (Mon and Vel)
Hmm... that logic is true. If someone escapes, they just cheaply replace. The cost of just bringing someone else in by fake charges is insignificant and not worth the cost of listening to the units which would be very costly
Hmm. I don't understand why the ISB officer doesn't want his help. He's very passionate about pursuing Andor
But contrary to what I thought earlier about cheap replacements, it would seem better for them to release inefficient old men like Ulaf and have them replaced... so why keep persons like Ulaf?
Ah. We learn what happeened on level 2. Quite the reveal though something that could have easily been fixed by shipping the man to a separate facility.

Episode 10:
Wow. Interesting price
That's brave for some these people to help other floors escape
Hehe. He took some of Cassian's words. But of course as Cassian said he is the best person to do it because he is in command on a day to day
Interesting... with being not so many guards... why are there so many guns.
Hehe. Can't swim.
That looks like a scary drop into the water. I guess I would jump for freedom but it would take a while to work up the courage
Wow. What an intense conversation (sacrifice)
huh. Is it gonna be left ambiguous wheter Kino survived?

Episode 11:
"How do you know I won't tell him?"
It's interesting, because when one plays Chess, making sacrifices such as losing a pawn feels trivial. but in real life, sacrificing a troop to maintain a position means real lives are lost
That's neat. Countermeasure on the tractor beam
He single-handedly took down two tie fighters. He made it look easy
And another two. It kind of reduces the epicness of the the fighter chases that happen throughout Star Wars and shooting down ships

Episode 12:
Huh. What is this Nurchi fellow playing at...
It's a good thing Cassian spotted Luthen
The guy is climbing up the ladder. There is a small probability that Nurchi gave incorrect information to ISB
Huh. Not sure if Cassian simply left in time or if wrong location was given
Interesting they just let Maarva's speech go on
Okay finally the guy came in to stop it
They should have beat up on the one guy that was behind the line
Hmm.. Should be trying to take their blasters
Just the right amount of sentiment. "He'll find us." "I'll find you." pause "Now go go!"
I'm guessing Cassian will be waiting for Luthen
It makes sense... The main reason Luthen would have killed Cassian is cause he was afraid Cassian would leak information... but Cassian is right there... why would Luthen still want to kill him
Post-Credits: it is shown that the parts they were making were part of the Death Star

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