Secret Invasion

I finished this series today and I basically finished it for completeness, but it lacked an appeal of many other series. With many other Marvel series, I would be eager to watch episode after episode, but that excitement did not exist here. Furthermore, a lot of the plot, especially towards the end just seemed poorly written. With that being said, I loved two of the female characters: Sonya and G'iah.

Is this person who looks like Agent Ross actually a skrull?
Hmm. Prescod certain suspects so for some reason.
Oh no. Shot!
"He was one of you?" "No, he was one of them." [does that mean Kree?]
"New Skrullos."
Hehe. Popcorn. Fury offers Maria some. "Yeah, okay."
Hehe. "The Avengers."
Hmm. Following down these halls doesn't work. I'm guessing the skrull knows she's being followed and will attack Maria.
Is it a fake eye or a working advanced technology eye? It moves along with the real one. (They're out looking for the bag handoff) [after the episode, I remembered that in one of the movies Fury comes in and unlocks something with the eye behind the eye patch
Hmm... I didn't write it down, but I was leaning towards them being decoys... (Maria and Talos realize they were chasing decoys); the question, however, is whether G'iah knew
Oh wow. That's it for Agent Hill?

Oh wow. Gravik joins Fury in this flashback... but in the previous episode, Gravik did not hesitate to kill Maria... so a lot must have changed
"It would be likelier to encounter aliens."
[I think about the millions of skrulls... thing is when they die they would reveal themselves so... who's covering up their deaths?]
Huh. Who did he thank? (He said something like "Without you this wouldn't have been possible")
Huh. G'iah is snooping around. Seems risky.
Hehe. She tries to trick him with her question.
"Well carpet bomb their ass." (Fury carries on a joke)
[Here Rhodes says he hopes Maria died for a reason. And that's the thing... she didn't really die doing much. Her sacrifice is perhaps at best an emotional driver for Fury, but from an audience point of view I think it's not one that we needed. That is, I feel like saving the Earth would be enough on the table to get Fury to get his act together.]
"They sent you to fire me?" "They didn't send me. I volunteered."
"I'm Nick Fury. Even when I'm out. I'm in."
Powerful words. But when he leaves he is shown wheezing (subtitles)
Hehe. Sonya. "What does that tell you about me and doors."
Groot. Frost Beast. Cull Obsidian. Extremis. [This type of information is just unsecured?]
Perhaps Gravik would assume that Brogran revealed the location of the safehouse.
Huh. Is this really the first time they revealed this? (Fury's wife is a skrull)

"All faith is built on risk." What? That barely makes sense.
Gravik suspects G'iah but she gives an attempt to direct it back to Brogan who she meant to take the fall for the leaked information she gave in the first place... at the same time she declared being a good liar... which is kind of a double edged sword
and now she has to risk sending information that again perhaps only she knows
hehe every person in the room is working for Gravik
lol, a patch over the owl
hehe. Fury lashes back but I'm not sure that made sense.
a little good cop / bad cop here.
hehe shoots him (cause he mentioned G'iah)
jeez. G'iah gone rogue... she'll have to run after this
hehe. the code was Zachary
oh shoot. intercepted
"finding the traitor was essential"
oh shit. is she really dead? I can't believe her as a character would die...
earlier there was some pretty bad dialogue but how she refused to turn around and what she said to him was powerful and well-written
hmm. how odd. a gun in a safety box?

Interesting twist (G'iah)
Rhodey is a skrull?
Hmm. Is this person not wearing the ring mean he's not really Fury?
Hehe. My reaction was, whoa, I can't believe that conversation ended in a duel scenario
The reveal.
He doesn't answer.
"Guess we'll never know." [Good answer; I would have answered similarly]
They show Rhodey turn from a skrull; I guess skrulls need a blueprint, so where's the real Rhodey or when did the real Rhodey die?
Hehe. Jokes. "You do whatever makes you feel comfortable."
My guess... is that the bottle / glass did actually have nanotech in it... ("Rhodey" takes the bottle from the table) [the next scene informs the viewers]
Hmm. Their goal probably wasn't to kill the president, because... they could have come with more firepower... but curiously... then what is their goal?
Oh right. I forgot. To fake attack as the Russians.

It's not believable that Fury was able to leave with the President given Gravik's new powers. [someone in a Reddit post said that because reinforcements were coming and if Gravik lingered longer he would have been killed]
Hehe... This person made interesting observations (e.g., knowing Vaara wouldn't kill Fury)
If Gravik wanted Fury dead, why wouldn't these fake (?) operatives simply fire at Fury
Sure... just dig yourself a deeper grave by killing more of your own people (Gravik kills Beto)
I love the speed at which she talks. And kind of efficiently move the story along in a lighthearted way
"And don't miss out a damn decimal point."
Hehe the males in my species and podcasts
Hehe. I took a while to notice this character. I guess he was the supplier for Nat (Black Widow)
Yikes. I was thinking in my head someone would gun her down... but why not a sniper... I suppose that would be boring to watch... but come on... that seems like an unprofessional assassination attempt; I guess technically the ones sent are likely unprofessional
Hehe. Is this magically Fury? [wow]
Her joke about the tech
Oh wow. She didn't know Rhodey was a Skrull.
But Fury wouldn't just give up the goods, because what's to keep Gravik from breaking his word [and also... the implication is that Gravik would be super powerful if he used the vial, so how would one tactically deal with that]
She points out the ridiculousness of him swapping the location and then now giving it over
Gear and clothes

Hmm... as Fury is coughing and stumbling around... I'm curious what sort of backup Sonya will provide
Hmm... is Fury's stumbling just an act? (loses his pills)
What's the point of preventing World War III if just to let Gravik commit genocide (or whatever the word here would be)... so surely Fury wouldn't give up the Harvest... the trade wouldn't make sense
What does this mean? "Because it's easier to save the lives of eight billion people than it is to change their hearts and minds."
I thought the real vial contained a colored liquid
How does Gravik know it's real DNA? [in next scene we see he checks through the list]
Hehe. Fury fights back. It's revealed.
Red glowing is Scarlet Witch?
Drax's arm? Why does it look too small?
Oh I think the red glowing was actually Carol Danvers (they both fly up into the air)
Hehe. Sleep (Mantis)
Full Danvers
Is it possible to possess such a power without dying? Cause Danvers was given alien blood... [So Carol's powers mostly come from the explosion of a Kree device but her cells also joined with that of Mar-Vell who was a Kree; so Carol is now a human-Kree hybrid. it seems that such powers, however, would not be beyond a normal body].
Wait, what? "We will kill every last one of you."
Hehe. "I will use you. And you will use me. [...]" Sonya has the best lines in this entire series
"My planet"? I feel like the president of the United States doesn't own the planet... It would be more appropriate for him to say... "get them off my country"

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