The Huntsman: Winter's War (2016)

This movie wasn't amazing, but I liked it better than the first film, Snow White and the Huntsman.

Instant Comments:
1: Narration... meh
1: How is a kid train to out fight an adult? Did the adult simply go easy on the kid or perhaps they're not training?
A: I seemed to have not watched everything from the 14 to 19 minute mark.
1: Hmm. I thought he was a better warrior. Though to be fair he did fend off many of them and was outnumbered.
1: Is this person going to be his wife? It did seem like she died.
1: Why did she tie him up?
1: Oh shit. The queen tricked them. She showed them each different images.
1: Smile. "She's got another knife."
1: Hehe. "She's got two more little ones in her left boot."
1: LOL. Is this a new servant who someone doesn't already know the rules... even if he was new, I feel like someone would have told him ("No fire!!!")
1: It's not clear what was special about the three men
1: If Freya would be unstoppable with the mirror, why didn't her sister simply give her the mirror and work together to conquer the world and gain power or whatever.
1: As their talking and she talks about parting ways when the mission is complete, I think about the necklace she gave him. Likely he still has it and that would somehow reveal to her that he does in fact truly love her
1: "You're still my wife."
1: He tries to tell her that the Queen showed them separate visions in the mirror.
1: He's gonna get caught in a trap
1: Hehe. I like how these two are getting along ("water..." "chicken")
1: Huh. That's a cool maneuver
1: "See that. Whoo."
1: The medallion is exposed and she sees it. She changes her expression.
1: Weird but kind of cool. Lights the goblin's blood.
1: "Have you been true?" He means to ask if Sara betrayed him...
1: She doesn't answer and soon after the Queen and others arrive. It's not clear if she did 1: "We're mighty far from children, bitch Queen." (she's the second best character in the film)
1: "You knew."
1: She obviously aimed exactly for the medallion.
1: Hehe. His smile. "Aye" This movie came out a year before Ragnorak.
1: Mirror pouring out. Is it going to be Ravenna?
1: The gold eyebrows are amazing
1: "I made you what you are." I assume this means, and I didn't write it down, but I figure she pulled the strings and/or framed the lover for the death of the child. And perhaps this statement is a subtle admission to that. The look on Freya's face perhaps indicates thinking about what the statement means. Perhaps later we will learn.
1: Quite a bit of luck with his jump and coming to a stop...
1: Smile. "This is the worst plan ever."
1: Tull looks like he'll change his mind.
1: Hmm... Freya saved them and now they climb the wall... seems counterproductive.
1: "How did you make me strong? How did you draw the weakness out? What did you do?"
1: Hmm. I would think being bound to someone would prevent the bound person from harming the master
1: "Leave my children alone."
1: That's a good ending (shattered mirror)
1: Hehe. A single golden crow.

1: While many films do credits based on order of appearance, this film chooses to do it by billing (?): Chris Hemsworth is first, Charlize Theron is second.
1: The credits song was performed by Halsey.
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