Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (2023)

Instant Comments:
Hehe. Zune.
At first I was like, why is Peter drunk. But then I remembered.
who is this guy? did he appear in the eternals?
"That hurts" "What a pity" (I actually didn't think he would be killed by it)
Oh okay, I was right. The guy flew away.
"Kill a few people"
I paused the movie in the flashback where Rocket is playing with the other creatures and the one creature commented it's good to have friends. During this pause I was working on a task and had this sudden thought that this entire movie could simply be an intricate ploy by the entire group to motivate Peter. Because Peter was really focused on saving Rocket's life.
"Second-best friend."
"I'm not 50!"
"And maybe I wanted a Zarg-Nut!" "It's too late. They're all gone." (He just casually stand there as they go up)
The magic user creating all those portals effortlessly seems cool and powerful
"Be not as you are, but as you should be."
Sad face. "imperfect clump"
That is so unnatural it's disgusting. (Turtle forced to evolve into some humanoid creature; in theory it's a teenage mutant ninja turtle but... the magical mutation of the ninja turtles feels something more like the transformation of Peter Parker into Spider-Man)
Rocket be smart.
Lol. Colored like the Power Rangers.
Smile. Peter kneels next to Gamora.
Hahaha. Hahha. The mismatched colors for communication lines.
Smile. Nathan Fillion.
Is it really a locker?
Hahaha. "This one."
Poor, Mantis.
Hmm. I would totally think a Quill + Nebula relationship would be fun. ("Sounds more like her!" followed by synchronized commentary and laughter)
Ha! Big smile. "I just nevere noticed how black your eyes were." [Nebula explains] "He... He picked a pretty set."
Hehe. Nebula comments on how Gamora was always like that and somehow she gets the rep for being a bad guy.
Smile. "I'm not that big of an idiot." (that was definitely a surprise)
"I am Groot?" (Nebula's response)
That's an interesting truth. "We won't think about it when we do it."
I love how everyone on the team is on the same wavelength. And it's mildly annoying with Gamora (who understandbly is past Gamora misplaced in the future) yelling in order to further some progression of the story - which I imagine is somehow attempting to actually turn her more into the Gamora we know (but I think such a situation would be lame)
Hmm. Was Gamora always that strong? (She pushed quill into the wall with enough force that he flew into it and shattered whatever screens he was working on... apparently not too essential to the workings of the ship?)
Hehe. Disintegrated the hostage.
"Your friends a moron. I got one of those too. I get it."
Huh. She might be more evil, but I never figured Gamora to be stupid.
"How did you know?" That's an interesting philosophical question. Though a bit uninteresting coming from the creator as it is implied that the creator assumes his intelligence is superior to the being he has created. Of course, it is easy to think of many man-maded items that perform functions which humans cannot (e.g., a car travels at greater speeds than a human can, a computer can calculate many results which a human could not)
Hmm. This creator [High Evolutionary] is twisted in the head. It's particularly interesting though that the creator dropped the question of "How did you know?"
All these humanoid species are capable of interbreding?
Hmm these peaceful people are capable of voilence.
Hahah. "That is a stupid design."
There are homeless and poor people in this supposed utopia? [soon after there's a scene with a kid beating another kid and Nebula asks, "This is the perfect society?"][Of course, my hypothesis is that world peace or similar is unobtainable globally whenever there exists variance. Where there exists variance there will always be relative. Relative good and bad. Relative rich and poor. Though I imagine this movie will explain why the society isn't perfect.]
This bird creature looks more like old tech, i.e., like Rocket
OIC. Groot snuck in the weapons. Somehow obscuring them from scanners by growing himself around it (when Peter gave them to him earlier)
Rocket gives a familiar sounding scream.
Yikes. Such aggression.
Oh no. That's horrible. Perhaps expected of a backstory but still. (they're all gone)
"As I've done many times before, I'm going ot have to raze it all and start again."
Hmm. Nice of Gamora to have some honor and defend Rocket
Hehe. "Quill and Groot are inside we have to get them out." as Quill and Groot are flying down behind them
Oh my. (Many children in a cage)
"There are the hands that made us. And there are the hands that guide the hands."
Hehe. "I'm not a raccoon."
Was it even connected for the passkey to go through? I don't quite understand.
Hehe Howard in the poker game.
Hehe. "Why didn't you ask?"
Yondu makes a cameo
Nice moment for him to master the arrow
Smile. Good dog.
Hehe. The team lineup. Gamora reluctantly joins. And the little creature
Wow that dislocated head is creepy yet cool
Oh wow, I didn't realize the keycard he built he's had on him this whole time.
Hehe. "Common Name: Raccoon"
As the High Evolutionary comes in screaming. I'm thinking it would be a great end if he's placed in the evolutionary chamber.
Hehe a flap of his face came off.
"His face came off."
Hehe the monkey scratches the women's face up.
"Go babies, go babies, go."
That was hard to grasp. He seemed so close to the edge and somehow got pushed back and had to make up a lot of ground?
"Did that look cool?"
Hehe. Adam awkwardly comes and joins the group hug. Gamora stays out of it
Hehe. She finds herself understanding Groot.
Hehe. The grunt goodbye (to match the similar hello)
Awww. Upgraded vocabulary: "I love you guys."
"I went back and got this for you, Pete."
That's a tearjearker. His grandpa stands up to come greet him.
Hehe. Drax does little more than just shake his head.
The credits start with the shot of the original five (left to right): Gamora, Peter, Rocket, Drax, and Groot
Oh, soVin Diesel does the voice of Groot, but a person named Austin Freeman plays the on-set Groot.
Mid-credits scene.
"Britney Spears and KORN."
On the field: Phyla, Kraglin, Cosmo, Adam Warlock, Rocket, and Groot.
The picture at the end of the credits is more or less the main cast and team throughout this movie (left to right): Cosmo, Rocket, Groot, Mantis, Gamora, Peter, Nebula, Kraglin, and Drax.
Lol. Random conversation between Peter and his grandfather

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