Dune (1984)

Instant Comments:
1a: [oh no wasted poison tooth]
1a: about halfway in [1 hr 20 min], been watching om my phone while kind of climbing on my wall... he just told his mom he knows she is pregnant... thus far the movie has been... a mix of strange and interesting. the movie looks old. the aesthetics are detailed and creepy... "ugly" characters which are frightening. the main character is interesting
1a: "the sound is deafening!"
1a: hmm I didnt take the mother for someone weak
1a: not sure at what point I fell asleep
1b: I last remembered Paul climbing up the worm so I resumed at the 1 hr 43 min mark
1b: is it just symbolic to ride the worm? what if the worm dived back under... abandon ship?
1b: is it safe for the bystanders to be there? seems like a great risk
1b: hehe the 90s or so classic rock plays [the film is from the 80s, so probably 80s rock]
1b: "the worm is the spice. the spice is the worm" whoa... I did not see that coming
1b: strange. not quite described why the worms gathered and just stay still. just some strange new connection between him and them?
1b: hmm... even if Alia has great powers, what's the purpose of her presence there?
1b: ah ok. Paul coordinates with Alia telepathically...
1b: honestly though, I thought with the worms, the Fremen army should have just plowed straight for the base and gobbled up all the enemy soldiers in the way... That fight felt much longer than I expected it to be
1b: he's aware of the extra blade... his teachers prepped him well (shown earlier in his fight at the beginning with Gurney)
1b: alphabetical order
1b: oh, Feyd was played by Sting
1a=20230929, 1b=20230930
Watched first three-fourths 20230929, remaining fourth 20230930 (Netflix)(Last day to watch 20230930)
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