Doom (2005)

Instant Comments:
hehe the hand
"if they were so smart how come they're so dead?"
"you don't shield a baby from time"
hmm why would he be holding the hand
why did he rip off his ear?
yikes. he's cutting himself as punishment for taking God's name in vein
disgusting the tongue did something and slipped into the water.
is he [goat] going to come back to life?
okay so earlier he said he doesn't do nanowalls and here it's shown why. yeah I wouldn't either... the chance of getting sliced is just... yikes
in any case... oh no... the tongue. will it start moving? on a different note, so... is this just a zombie plot? was that the premise of the video game as well? I thought the game was just about shooting evil creatures... I didn't know there was a kind of zombie plot
I mean... these rescue mission, sci-fi horror movies always go the same way... more or less everyone dies. in that sense, it's kind of boring. [at this point I paused to read the first three paragraphs of the plot summary for the movie on Wikipedia - in part because i'm casually playing path of exile while watching, or maybe it's the other way around] huh. he did the sign of the cross. which means he has goat's mind
why would it smash its head against the glass like that?
Sam answers my question soon enough: "Goat knew he was turning" (he intentionally committed suicide)
big fucking gun (BFG)
hmm... what is the moving creature indeed...
ah... they reveal it's Dr. Carmack... but they never showed finding him
smile. "Dr. Carmack's condition is irreversible... because Dr. Carmack's condition is he's dead"; very smart choice
hmm... experimentation of criminals sentenced for execution...
hmm... Sarge is still keen on following orders?
(it's choosing who to infect) how is the tongue still alive?
hehe "evil"
huh so they went back to earth? [yes. I read the remaining plot summary, so I spoiled the ending for myself]
this is a ficticious army but that doesn't seem right (he says "mutinous insurrection is punishable by death")
hehe. "I'm not supposed to die"
hehe. when John/Reaper wakes up, the movie takes the FPS point of view like in the video game
is this creature a mutated Pinky? it has wheelchair legs

Nine Inch Nails
There are only two songs and the other is performed by a group which I don't recognize: Ringside
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