Frozen II (2019)

My son and I were at the doctor's office and this movie was playing. I recall watching approximately from when they speak to Grand Pabbie to after Olaf's song. My son was laughing throughout Olaf's song, and so later I tried to play that song as a distraction during a blood draw, but it wasn't enough.
This movie was a decent sequel.

I had heard several of the songs from the movie prior to this viewing, and it was neat to hear the songs in context of the movie; they make much more sense. In particular, the vocalizing heard in the song "Into the Unknown" went from just a neat echo to an integral part of the story - and consequently changed my understanding and perception of the song.

On a different note, I felt like Kristoff was much more of a side character in this movie. However, Olaf took a more central role, though still secondary to Anna and Elsa. Speaking of which, I guess Elsa got to do more in this film in comparison to the previous film.

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I was wondering if Kristoff has Northundra origins. The movie seemed to suggest this, but didn't answer it.
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1a: it appears their parents were already aware of Elsa's gift.
1a: Paused after Olaf's song. My son loves that song, it makes him laugh.
1b: Resumed.
1b: Olaf's recap of Frozen was both humorous and quite accurate [20220609: there should be an Olaf summary of every Disney movie]

1b: Hahaha. Olaf recaps the movie (similar to how he summarized Frozen in the middle of the movie)
Watched bits and pieces 20220421
Watched first half 20220501, second half 20220502 (Disney+)

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