The Simpsons

S1E1 Santa's Little Helper
20220503; I've previously seen this episode

1a: Homer isn't heard screaming in the opening.
1a: Lol Maggie is the true genius: "emcsqu"
1a: Lol, actual letter of excuse.
1b: Haha, "I think Bart's stupid again"
1a=20220508,1b=20220519; I've previously seen this episode

Smithers (apparently the only episode where he has black skin)
Hehe, Lisa may be smart but she's still a kid who laughs at the prank
Haha, he's writing a message about giving up and he leaves him his father's words about never giving up
Ned Flanders? [Apparently not]
20220519; I don't remember having seen this episode

Haha reverse love fight
Lol ridiculous that he would enjoy winning a rigged sack race
Hahaha "maybe we should move to a larger community"
Haha Marge is willing to pawn the ring instead of the television but Homer says they need $250 (implying the ring isn't worth alot)
I'm guessing they all draw Homer, but not sure what Homer will draw
Lol. Silly to hook up Maggie but it's a cartoon after all.
20220519; I've previously seen this episode

Hehe, number 3 family jewels (used earlier in the episode)
Lol Herman lost his arm from bus, mentioned in a previous episode by Miss Krabapel
Lol all the things you can order soldiers to do but apparently can't slap them
20220519; I don't remember having seen this episode

S1E6 Moaning Lisa
[20220522: I like the ending where Lisa's mom tells her to smile but then regrets it and tells Lisa she doesn't have to pretend] 20220520; I don't remember having seen this episode

Lol RV off the cliff
Maggie with the bears
Homer mistaken for bigfoot and dumb scientists.
20220522; I don't remember having seen this episode

S1E8 Jebediah Springfield
Smithers says "the feeling is more than mutual, sir"
20220525; I vaguely recall having seen this episode before

Haha the bowling ball already has his name on it
The ball was drilled with your fingers
Hehe. $17.50, enjoy it my darling.
Hahaha. His explanation of brunch.
Hehe, Helen introduces herself as the gossipy wife of the minister.
Lol I think that's Top Gun. [Oh it's actually a Richard Gere movie called An Officer and a Gentleman. In hindsight, the captions said "An Officer and a Gentleman theme song". I never saw the movie before but after this episode I went ahead and watched the ending. Richard Gere enters the workplace like how Marge enters the factory. But Marge and Homer switch roles as he's the one that picks her up.]

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