Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Instant Comments:
1b: Resume from where the wolves are chasing belle, not long after she disrupted the rose.
1b: I guess I don't remember that she could have left him for dead, though technically he did save her life so any decent person would repay the debt
1b: It's interesting how quickly the song "Tale as Old as Time" comes after "Something There". Off the top of my head, I can't think of another Disney movie containing two lyrical songs which come so close together.
1b: Stupid townspeople. They totally dismiss that gastons claim on her father's lunacy is a lie.
1b: Hehe amazing Chip got it to work.
1b: The tune to be our guest plays.
1b: Oic, he was trying to melt Lumiere...
1b: Ugh, despicable. he took pleasure in shooting a person/animal who is not even attacking...
1b: Oh the here's where she meets prince charming tune plays leading up to the transformation
1b: Hehe what if the prince was ugly looking as a human?
1b: "Do I still have to sleep in the cupboard?"

1b: Celine Dion does such a great job with this song.
Watched at least twice before.
Watched first half prior to 20220504, second half 20220505 (Disney+)

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