Moon Knight

Not sure I understand. Doesn't He strap himself due to awareness of some problem yet he seems very surprised by his situation.
Hehe. Cool end to the episode.
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Hehe. "Youre not alone." "That's part of the problem innit."
Oh that statue is not a statue. It's a person
Interesting... "That's all he can do without your help" kind of not expected due to the first episode ; So will he be a mentor?
Oh interesting, he was the former avatar of Konshu
Hehe. Konshu vs Ammit.
Steven logically sides with... well not Ammit.
Haha a suit thats not the ceromonial suit.
"Where are we going" "where the hell do you think?" So... probably Egypt?
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Hmm. If it was harrows men keeping tabs, and he just stashed some stuff under the pier...
Hahahaha. Everybody chill the c out. Take the body marc.
the turning back of the night sky... is really cool
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(Who is the third personality. How many personalities does he have?) Which personality is considered baseline. We almost think it should be Steven but it doesn't have to be?
Because when konshu picked the body he picked marc... absent of Steven...

Lol why not check inside the truck
[how do these gods relate to the marvel universe. What kind of beings are they. They seem to have certain rules]
She's one tough cookie to fend for herself against the priest.
I think it's weird that the gods... let me rephrase... it'd be smart if the gods were monitoring Arthur Harrow, despite what they made it seem that he would be off the hook (he shoots Steven)
Moon Knight figurine
Pretty cool sequence (centered around Marc)
Lol, they meet.
Huh he didn't open that shaking sarcophagus.
Lol. Some hippo. Who is that suppose to be? Ammit?
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Ok, so this memory (as a kid) does make it so that Marc is the main personality?
Steven sometimes comments like... he's had some experiences as well ("why are you remembering her like that")
I was thinking perhaps the third identity would reveal during this claiming of the Duat.
Huh... your scales are balanced... kind of strange.
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Hehe Tawaret asks Layla to be her avatar.
This third identity is deadly.
Post credits: Jake Lockley.
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