Onward (2020)

Overview: Two brothers set out on a quest to bring their dad back for a day and discover magic in the process of doing so.

20211215 Comment:
I read a reddit thread debating the 24-hour timer and one of the responses gave a reasonable defense to the rules of the visitation spell. In essence, the spell is putting a cap on the father's ability to visit the Earth ever, but they didn't get it right the first time and want to get the rest of the body.
Instant Comments:
1a: Stopped where he has a conversation with his dad.
1b: Hehe they have wings and don't think they can fly
1b: Haha put it in O for Onward.
1b: You'll never be ready, merge!

1b: Interesting spell mechanics with lies
1b: Ah, busted. Screw up vs not. Well his tone did seem to be honest.
1b: Hahaha the top half of the dance.
1b: Hehe 10 to 10000.
1b: Nice manticore sting.
1b: Oh no hehehe no more rope.

1b: "I needed that rope." "Oh but did you."
1b: Nice. I figured he did at least some of those along the way but apparently he did all of them. And that the last one was a realization with his brother which I didnt realize.
1b: That's epic. The ending of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings should have been like this.
1b: I feel like the top half should stay for another 24. Seems unfair for the top half to be bound to the 24 hr clock of the bottom half
1b: Wilden the Whimsical
1a=20211204, 1b=20211205

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