Don't Look Up (2021)

Instant Comments:
"Why does the ephemeris keep getting lower and lower?"
Haha. It's funny because... the statement is true and delivered with an unexaggerated tone. "It's an extinction level event." "Let's not be dramatic here."

Some credits at 11 minutes (after she grabs the bucket to puke)
World ending in six months... nomination of a supreme court nominee...
Brings back snacks and charges them...
Lol. The snacks are free... "Why the heck did he do that?"
The set up is good.
Oh, he doesn't know? (She mentioned seven months and he didn't know why)

Well... she may be the president and she may not like the situation, but she seems to be a little unprofessional or at least disrespectful of not trying to refer to Dr. Olglethorpe. "Dr. Ogilvy"? Unless that's just part of her freaking out... [Because honestly it's not a hard name to say]
Smile. She's worried about government processes... Wouldn't the better mindset be... as world set all things aside, pool resources, and attempt to make a dent in the problem? Though I'm to understand that probably they actually can't do anything about the situation.
Smile. Kate soon says "Am I to understand correctly that..."

How can information like that be made classified? Does the government have the right to do that? Wouldn't other governments have the right to know? In any case, the comet can easily be discovered by anyone so the information can easily be disseminated.
"Keep it simple. No math." "But it's all math."
"It's for a video game" she tells an eavesdropper.
This segment has some comedy (I guess in general this movie is a comedy vibe) with the celeb... and there's some social commentry regarding phone notifications and unapproved purchases

HA! She reveals she also hooked up with the same woman.
The power of Xanax.
Smile. Media training.
I guess, as he's reading responses, it's reminiscent of COVID. So many people denied COVID.
Seriously. Why would they be so aggressive with the arrest.
Smile. That's a good response "She's an anesthesiologists" he whispers as a response.
Haha. "Isn't that from Saving Private Ryan?"

Oh wow, I didn't even realize that this was Cate Blanchett until she's telling him all about herself. And if her name wasn't in the credits, I probably wouldn't have recognized at all.
Since there was no math in this launch, I'm guessing it's just a ruse?
Was the effort sabatoged by BASH?
HA! Looks up. "What the hell is that? Fucking lied to us." Like... the evidence was right there... All this time, the people decided literally to not look up?
As this BASH rocket launches, I can't help but think about the president risking her life (should the mission fail) for the opportunity of riches. And on that note, how will she be rich from BASH succeeding?
HAHA! "When we dated in college I fucked Aaron Tran." Hahaha.
"How many more?" Why didn't they just overengineer the construction? Third richest and he was skimping on development?
Hahahaha. "You have fun with Jason." "Jason? Oh shit."
So many men; though most are old.
HA! "I believe that's called a Bronteroc." Accurate prediction system (oh wait, it wasn't right for Mindy.

Watched 20211229 (Netflix)

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