Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021)

Overview: An origin story for superhero Shang-Chi.
20211214 Comment:
For the most part, I really enjoyed this film. It had all the great elements of a Marvel movie (balanced mix of action and humor) while incorporating elements of (Asian) martial arts movies. My primary complaint with the film comes in the ending battle sequence. That fight is made bigger by involving two large creatures and it really detracts from the primary conflict and display of martial arts between the protagonist Shang-Chi and his father.

Xu Shang-Chi / Shaun (Simu Liu)

Alternatively, keep the big creatures, but add clarity to the battle and in a way that gives more agency to the protagonist. As an analogy, in Power Rangers, the rangers summon their Zords to fight on a larger scale, but their still in the driver seat. In this movie, Shang-Chi is momentarily incapable of resolving the universe-is-threatened situation in any way - despite successfully overcoming the conflict with his father.
Instant Comments:
1: Hehe valet.
1: Smile the story interruption

Xu Wenwu (Tony Leung) and Ying Li (Fala Chen)

1: Hehe she points out a poor name change for going into hiding
1: Hehe Wong. unexpected place for him
1: What a save. His sister caught his friend
1: Hmm doesn't really pass the reasonable test, something seems fishy about their mom wanting to be saved.
1: Hmm dragon eyes... clues... but still suspicious
1: Lol the fake terrorist from Iron Man 3. I have a very faint memory of it

Xu Xialing (Men'er Zhang)

1: Hahahaha Morris.
1: Haha 19% instead of 90
1: Hahaha haha if they could train monkeys...
1: Good driving by Katy... I guess the beginning of the movie clearly established she knows how.
1: Hehe a little character development for Katy (arrows, shoot at something)
1: As he fights his aunt, it seems like a tai chi, breath-based style.

1: after the flash back, it's likely he killed the man after all
1: Yes, he tells katy.
1: Why design a gate that opens in this way even if it requies a path.
1: Wait what are the physics of landing with the ring shot. The rings seem to act like projectiles. If I were falling from the sky, I couldn't just use a shotgun to land [resolved, see comment later]

Ying Nan (Michelle Yeoh)

1: I'm surprised an event like this wouldnt be on Dr. Strange's radar.
1: Oh as they're fighting and the rings turn red for Shang, it seems as if sometimes the rings are connected. So it'd be like shooting an air cannon to land.
1: To be honest that fight was hard to follow. It reminded me of Transformers: shots which are too close to the action especially relative to the scale of the participants [very different from Jackie Chan's filming principles related to enabling the viewer to see full movement]

The village of Ta Lo line up for battle.

1: Did they know they have a dragon in their lake? Haha [it was perhaps referenced earlier on, but detracts from the ending]
1: Lol they just tell their friends the story without holding back any details
1: Okay, so finally at the end Wong shows up for them. So my suspicion about Dr. Strange wasn't out of the question [where is Dr. Strange?] I guess going back to Wong in the fighting ring, I suppose that's a good place to dig up info and stay connected with shiftier things. In addition to making some money in a WWF style setting, haha.
1: Hahahaha karaoke. Plus Wong.

Katy (Awkwafina)

1: Oh, in many movies, or maybe it's a new general Disney plus change. Credits would shrink. But today they stay up and theres an option to shrink credits [it seems that any movie with special parts in the credits will not shrink]

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