Ron's Gone Wrong (2021)

Overview: Everybody has the new B-bot - a robot designed to make friends (like an automated Facebook). Everybody except Barney Pudowski. One day, however, Barney finally gets his own B-bot - one that's been damaged and behaves differently from the other B-bots. While defective, it actually manages to be doing what the B-bot developer Marc Weidell envisioned of his invention: be a friend.

RONB1N5CAT5CO "Ron" (Zach Galifianakis) and Barney Pudowski (Jack Dylan Grazer)

Instant Comments:
7.6 Newtons
Maybe turn it off and on again?
This bot laughing is funny.
"The settings have not been uploaded."

Noah (Cullen McCarthy), Rich (Ricardo Hurtado), Savannah (Kylie Cantrall), and Ava (Ava Morse)

This character sounds familiar ("you don't even know where school is!") [Oh, he's the voice of Alberto from Luca]
"Invite everyone except Savannah"
Hahahaha. "It pooped me."
Uh. I don't think a teacher/principal is supposed to scream at a kid like that.

Barney's father (Ed Helms) and grandmother (Olivia Colman)

"Friendship is a two-way street"
"Returning myself to the facility"
They brought the goat.
Not sure why Ron would have to sacrifice himself...


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