The Mandalorian

Overview: A Mandalorian bounty hunter is hired to retrieve "The Child," but has a change of heart and goes on the run in order to protect it.
The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal), Greef Karga (Carl Weathers), and Cara Dune (Gina Carano)

Hehe. I have spoken.
For the best, he doesn't seem the best. He seems lucky to be alive. He does show some talent though.
I thought the request was to have the target be alive. Maybe the droid got a different request.

The Mandalorian (S1E1)

hehe the Child eats the frog-like creature
it is interseting to have your parts stolen and have to trade to get them back...
wow. force lift the huge rhino-like creature. not sure if I'm impressed since it's a 50 year old child... hahaha
how does this person have so much skill. ability to repair a spacecraft. [his name is Kuiil]

Kuiil (voiced by Nick Nolte)

"It's not a toy."
Is he implying that the Beskar comes from melted down armor?
Watching these Beskar armor upgrades, I feel like this is a game just waiting to be made.
Lol great stealth elements. "Check the perimeter."
How do the whispering birds know what to target?

The Mandalorian in new gear (S1E3)

Literally everyone has a tracking fob for the Child. Thought Greef Karga was exaggerating.
Hah! I was thinking that his flamethrower must have finite fluid in such a small capacity and sure enough he runs out in that moment.
What does this mean: "We're going to have to relocate the covert." [it's where they were hiding]
Hehe. Saved by the Beskar.
Smile. "I gotta get one of those" (jetpacks); again, very fitting in a game that one of the upgrades be a jetpack.

The Child sipping some soup (S1E4)

I suppose for cinematic purposes raising the basket makes sense.
Smile. "Stop touching things." Proceeds to touch something.
Hehe. Sipping soup. (So much for the bartender watching him/her)
I'm glad that other fighter didn't die. That would have been sad.

Cara Dune and The Mandalorian stop to look at The Child

Smile. Another frog.
Hmm. That doesn't make sense to leave the Child here. I thought they're specifically tracking the Child...
How exactly do those tracking fobs work? How do they track a specific living being?

The Mandalorian on a speeder bike

Quite a maneuver... And "that's my line" hehe
Smile "and then I'm gonna charge him extra for watching you"
How does Mando know that the tracking fob wasn't really for the Child.
This kid isn't half dumb... though I feel as if his chance against Mando is low. He shouldn't have been so greedy. He should have just taken the free ticket into the Guild.
Huh. What is that ending about?
I love these end credit drawings of scenes from the film

Xi'an (Natalia Tena), The Mandalorian, Burg (Clancy Brown), and Migs Mayfield (Bill Burr) (S1E6)

Whoa. It's Bill Burr.
Hehe. It backfired on them.
Hehe. A second door? Is that common?
Haha. He looks at his hands thinking he may have killed droid.

The Child looks at his hand

Whatever happened to the homing beacon. Their time must have already been up but no one came... [it's kind of answered later; time did seem stretched out]
Oh, he managed to keep this guy Qin alive.

The Child chokes Cara.
The Child heals Greef.

The Child executes a force choke

Oh no! Quiil!
The end credits depict some scenes at angles that wouldnt be seen during the show.

This conversation between troopers is hilarious.
They miss the object several times. And never succeed.

Greef Karga meets up with Kuiil, The Mandalorian, and Cara

What overkill. Why didn't he (Moff Gideon) just have them just storm in
What's with this pile of helmets?
Signet: [Oh it's a mudhorn]
Hehe the armourer gets a little fight sequence.

IG-11 (voiced by Taika Waititi)

Interestingly Mando seems upset about the droid....
I feel like... maybe they could have pulled the bomb out and throw it...
Haha. "Do the magic hand thing" "Hi"

The Child closes his travel pod
Hehe. "That wasn't part of the deal."
It's like riding into a town one would see in an old Western movie, somewhat empty, and all the people staring
Okay, this bartender and the marshal are playing into this theme
How would that have worked. If they were going to attack each other, why would there be any pause involved?
He references the explosion of the second death star
"I guess every once in a while both suns shine on a womp rat's tail." - Cobb
Hehe. Oops. So much for the bantha (the krayt dragon ate the Tusken Raider)
Oh wow. Acid
Wow. Smart creature. It repositioned to spit acide from up high
Maybe aim for the eye?
Did he choose to get eaten too?
Lol. He did choose to get swallowed. What a gutsy move
Ooo. A krayt dragon pearl

I loved how Mando was able to react and land on his feet
The Child's mouth gapes open wide
Would that person have lived had they chosen a less valuable item? (well it's possible he/she is just unconscious depending on the height of the drop)
Oh no. The Child nabbed an egg and ate it
Holy moly. He was able to lose them.
Wow. Resourceful (and apparently she underestands English)
Hehe. Yucky (the Child opening the egg sac and eating one of the eggs)
Did the Child trigger the other eggs hatching or was it just a coincidence?
Hehe. She switches to leaping
Would it make sense for a spider-like creature to be so persistent to pursue its fleeing prey?
Mando wants to trade his bounties of the the three criminals in exchange for getting his ship fixed. But the New Republic pilot refuses the offer and simply requests that Mando fix his transponder.
HA! The Child somehow managed to swipe an egg and pops it into his mouth as the episode cuts away to the credits.

Hahahaha. Almost made it to the landing pad
In the first episode there was a man that was watching. In this episode there's a woman watching.
Wow. Having Beskar armour is supposed to be helpful and yet it puts a big red target on your back
Hmm. So... different clans and paths of Mandalorians? [Bo-Katan] told Mando that he was part of the Children of the Watch.
An egg hatched!
"At least ten, maybe more."
I love how they briefly flash their use of heat vision (I wish the equivalent of this was done in She-Hulk for Daredevil)
Smile. Haha. "Cargo control area"
Ooo. Ahsoka Tano.
Awww. The Child giggles when Mando catches the "starfish"
The Child slurps down a tentacle

Ha. Smile. Cute. At first I thought it wouldn't make sense that there would be sections of the ship not easily serviceable to a person. But then I thought about a car, and how it must be the case that certain parts can only be serviced if the car was first dismantled. In any case, it's interesting that the Child partially understands.
The repairmen gave Mando a look
Haha. Stole the snacks (with the Force).
Mythrol gave them a shifty look on the way over
Huh. The Troopers aren't such bad shots when it comes to hitting Mando who's armored and standing in plain site...
I thought that craft was falling vertically and somehow it managed to level out?
The caption is "The Child giggles excitedly"
Very cute (the Child's responses during the dogfight).
I'm guessing the ship is bugged ["tracking beacon"]
20230116 AM

For the most part, this live action version of Ahsoka looks the part with the exception of the lekku which looks too much like a headdress as opposed to being a part of her head.
Is the tracking beacon in the replaced knob? The Child wants it
Hehe. He's beginning to unscrew it with the Force
Whoa. Her light saber didn't cut through his armor.
Ahsoka reveals to Mando that the child is named Grogu.
Take out the knob...
Huh. Morgan Elsbeth disarms one of Ahsoka's blades. That would seem unlike the ability of a Jedi versus even the most skilled combatant. But for the sake of the tension of the battle, sure. [I read an article on screenrant which gives different reasons for why Ahsoka seemed to struggle against the magistrate
How foolish of this guy. What did he have to gain from killing Mando as opposed to just surrendering?
20230116 AM

Whoa. Grogu is like... in the zone.
Boba Fett. He was the one in the other episode. Apparently he's come for his father's suit - the one that Cobb was wearing. Though how did he track Mando and why didn't he just intercept Mando sooner? [oh, he was also the one who saved Fennec]
Ha. "Nice shot. "I was aiming for the other one."
Holy moly. (Mando's ship gets blasted)
Hahaha. Grogu is Force pushing the two storm troopers around
And a Force choke.
20230116 AM

I guess walkers look cool. But would they have any advantages over wheeled vehicles?
I didn't mention in the other episode. But I was definitely looking forward to Bill Burr's reappearance.
There was reddit post where the OP opined that viewers should refer to Mando by name. I would counter and say that the viewers should refer to Mando in the same manner that others in the show refer to him. I think it is implied that people refer to him as such, because that's how he wants to be addressed, and as a viewer, we are allowed to call the character as such. Of course, being a ficticious character, I think that it's ultimately appropriate to call the character whatever one pleases - unless the creator of the character explicitly states a preference.
I love how these tanks don't have locked doors (similar to how spaceships never seem to require keys)
This character is so fit for Bill Burr. The way he reasons about Mandalorians vs the Empire and then reasons about "Showing face" vs "Taking off helmet".
The blaster runs out.
Hehe. He tries the scan with his helmet on. But then due to the system shutdown he takes his helmet off and we get to see it for the second time.
Mayfeld gets the pleasure of seeing Mando's face
What's Mayfeld's strategy here. Just talking straight or does he have a purpose. Does he want to kill this guy?
Okay. And there it is. Lol.
Smile. "We all need to sleep at night"
Huh. He's just gonna find his way around starting from whatever planet he's on with absolutely no money? I would have thought at least they keep him around and drop him off somewhere

Oh the recap refers to an "M-count" - the midichlorian count. I totally miss that
I don't understand how coordinates work. Can't Moff Gideon just move away from that location? [I did some searching and it took a while before finding an answer. The screenrant article first notes that Mando's warning message doesn't make sense strategically. Which I would say implies Gideon could have indeed decided to evade. The article, however, goes on to explain how Gideon clearly had a plan and thus intentionally decided not to evade.]
Son of a mudscuffer.
What I don't understand is why Mando can't just give Bo-Katan the Darksaber [it is explained soon enough]
Haha. "I yield. It's yours." Funny, but true. What truly defines combat? After all, Moff Gideon could have just pretended to battle and lose. Pretending to battle is really no different than not battling.
What kind of metal are their hands made of that allow them to break down a blast door without taking damage in return.
Hehe. The look on Gideon's face ("A Jedi?")
Is Bo-Katan alive after that? I would imagine so, but it also looked like some of those shots might have pierced her armor
Wow. He was ready to shoot himself.
Why did the droids stop? Despite the Jedi approaching, shouldnt they have continued trying to come in?
I guess the reveal wasn't exciting because I already knew.
Aww. He takes off his mask for Grogu.
The credits role without the usual music and drawings
After the credits we see Boba Fett and Fennec Shand enter Jabba the Hutt's palace. Fett kills Bib Fortuna. Fett takes the seat. The Book of Boba Fett. Coming December 2021.

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