Arcane: League of Legends

Thus far the story is good. The theme is slightly dark, but consumable. The show has small references for those familiar with the lore, but nothing distracting and none of it is needed to enjoy the story. For example, one of the kids says Powder always jinxes the missions (and those familiar with the game know that Powder is Jinx). We also get to meet a young Ekko.

Today I watched the second and third episodes by myself (I watched the first episode with Ada).

In the second episode Jayce is main focus. We also prominently see Heimerdinger and Viktor. Caitlin shows up a little as well as Singe.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:
Interesting, Vi decides to give herself up.

Episode 3:
Even though I know Vi would be "good"/Piltover and Jinx would be "bad," I never imagined the back story being so dark. Powder really just wanted to help and it was just misfortune that her attempt at helping did more harm to her friends than enemies. Perhaps her positioning could have been better... Furthermore, she was shown to be going crazy for being left alone, which is a direct result of Vi's decision.

Episode 4:
Interesting. I didn't see that coming (that he would not reveal anything).
Nice. "Who assaulted him?" (transition) "Who the hell are you?"

Episode 5:
Young Caitlyn shows she's quite the shot with a rifle (obviously in-game she is, but nothing in the show has set this up)
Oh. Caitlyn likes women.
Meanwhile Jayce ends up with this women.
Imagine Dragons get a cameo!
Amazing that Vy packs a punch against this Sevika character with just her bare hands.
"You gonna help me out, cupcake?" "Stop calling me that. My name is Caitlyn." "But you're so sweet. Like a cupcake."
Is it really possible for Jinx to understand the hextech gem faster than Jayce or Viktor? Technically she's working with the refined gem, which they also seem to have working with some prototpes...

Episode 6:
"We lost her." "Lost who?"
Wow. Drops the block to prove a point. "Oops. So sorry. Accidents happen."
I don't recognize this person which is helping (?) Vi
The voting should be anonymous... Because seeing other people voting adds to peer pressure.
Oh no! betrayed!
Is she not going to answer the smoke signal?
Smile. "How manyh problems can one girl cause?"
"Pow-Pow" (the name of her mini-gun)
I didn't realize she had some sort of multipersonality disorder

Episode 7:
Are we finally going to get Ekko? (hip hop intro)
Nice reveal. Vy asks "You shy? Or just ugly?" "You were good for a dead girl."
"In the meantime, try not to lose your nuts."
Oh wow. Those firelights. Unexpected...
He dropped the watch.
That's quite a showdown between Ekko and Jinx (cool that apparently it mimics a similar showdown they had as kids)

Episode 8:
How did the gemstone end up with Jinx?
Caitlyn is also biracial.
I like how Heimerdinger just shakes the components to make the top
"What about us?"
Sky vanished, his arm gone, and the hexcore evolved?
Nice. Vi with the hextech glove.
Jayce with the hammer!
Oh no... Caitlyn unarmed against Jinx?

Episode 9:
Why would Piltover be against Zaun's independence?
Hahaha. "Sheesh, I'm not that crazy." (everyone expecting Caitlyn's head on a platter)
Interesting last words by Silco.
First use of Fishbones (unnamed in the episode) - powered by the gemstone
Pentakill? Hehe.

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