Toy Story (1995)

Overview: Andy gets a new toy for his birthday, a Buzz Lightyear action figure. The toy becomes his new favorite and his previous favorite, Woody, becomes jealous.

Instant Comments: 1a: You uncultured swine [it's funny because Hamm is a pig].
1a: Lol. Mr potato uses his lips to kiss his ass.
1a: I just realized kind of the silliness of army men. They can move all their upper plastic but somehow their feet are bound to the hard plastic

1a: Also kind of hard to believe there's never been a situation where they've been spotted
1a: Wait the gas station is dinoco. Isnt that the car company in cars.
1a: I forgot how buzz realized he was a toy. Apparently this commercial
1a: Paused after sid sets alarm clock

1b: Resume toy story. Little Bo-Peep says of only you saw how much Andy misses you
1b: Hehe when woody speaks to scare Sid
1b: When Woody says to infinity and beyond

Watched at least twice before.
Watched first half 20211120, second half 20211123

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