The Good Dinosaur (2015)

20211214 Comment:
A visually beautiful movie, but terrible plot. More specifically, the movie sets up a situation where the protagonist Arlo is exposed to a traumatic event, but does not continuously show how that event affects him. It's not until late in the movie that Arlo faces the trauma, overcomes it, and proceeds to save his new friend. But then, for some odd reason, the writers decided to throw Arlo into a similar situation as that of the traumatic event. The new situation has no impact on Arlo's character growth, and only serves to be an exciting rescue sequence - one that could have taken place elsewhere.

Arlo (left) and his dad (right)

Another point in which the movie failed is that it spent so much time focusing on contribution on the farm and the mark, only to leave the resolution of these plot points unresolved - at least explicitly. They're practically MacGuffins.

Leaving on a good note, I recall an opening scene with water that looked so real it was unbelievable. Many other scenes in the movie are equally beautiful if one just paused and looked at the background.
Instant Comments:
1a: I put notes for first half on a piece of paper
1b: Continue. Around 39 min mark.
1b: Haha when he successfully blows a bunch of the rodents.
1b: I didn't get that scene, but rewatched it. I guess they were eating old rotten, likely molded peaches so they hallucinated

Symbols... of bad parenting?

1b: Wow that communication of family... I didnt see that coming. I was about to comment that the theme of family is core to Lilo and Stitch, and my first instinct was that this movie was somehow derivative of that movie; however, this scene sufficiently differentiates The Good Dinosaur [with that being said, The Good Dinosaur is a Pixar film, not a Disney film]
1b: Thunderclap sounds a bit like Owen Wilson [the character is voiced by Steve Zahn]
1b: Hehe Spot is like an actual dog.
1b: Hehe these t-rexs (?) are like cowboys riding horses. I guess they don't eat Arlo because they technically have plenty of food
1b: Silly to ask what if they have claws and big teeth

Arlo and Spot

1b: HA! Can I touch it this time?
1b: Like sharks but upside down
1b: weird with Spot seeing another human and Arlo stopping it. Was he just being selfish?
1b: I guess if Arlo survives (undoubtedly he would), it begs the question how did his dad not survive.
1b: Hmm it seems implied these other creatures are not Spot's real family cause different hair. They also seem to spend time standing instead of being on all fours
1b: Hmm I guess great that he got home but he didn't contribute to his family farming and got a mark for... coming home? Surely he saved that boy but it was not conveyed in any way. I'd say a lackluster ending.
1a=20211129, 1b=20211201
Watched first two-thirds 20211129, last third 20211201

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