Ratatouille (2007)

20110115 Comment:
Wonderful Disney-Pixar movie.

It was funny. It was charming. The entire movie just flowed well for me.

I recall, however, that I didn't remember any of the character names some time after watching the movie; not even the name of the main character, Remy. (I was at Disneyland and there were two rats, and I said something like, "Those are the characters from Ratatouille! Er... What are their names?" Answer: Remy and Emile.)

Instant Comments:
1a: Wow... they were all in the ceiling...
1a: "You remember Renata, Gusteau's old flame?"

1a: Didn't open the letter...
1a: Hahaha when he opens his shirt and screams
1a: Haha. "That's strangely involuntary"
1b: Continuing ratatouille. Linguini is told to cleanup
1b: Huh he says I love you and changes it to your.

1b: Hehe they kiss... I'm surprised Colette likes it. She seems older by 10 years. Which I suppose is not too bad.
1b: Hahaha rodent hair. I thought that would happen, but good thing there was also human hair.
1b: Oh I was wondering, because I couldn't remember: how and who would find out about the letter.
1b: Wow that's quite a chase scene between a chef and a rat.
1b: A more simple chain of events (compared to recently watching Pocahontas). Linguini started it. Well, I suppose slightly complex in that there was Remy who built up the problem.

Credits: 1b: 2d credits
Released 20070629.
Watched 20070703 Theater. Century 20 Huntington Beach [RATATOUILLE] 5:10 PM. $7.50
Watched first half 20211126, second half 20211128 (Disney+)
Ratatouille (2007) Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava. 111 min.

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