The Dark Crystal (1982)

This was an old movie whose story had a rough and slow start, but it picked up and ended well.


With that being said, the attention to detail and all the creatures throughout the entire movie are absolutely amazing.

[20191126 Edit]

Today while doing a screenshot viewing, it was interesting how knowing the ending affected the amount of information encapsulated within the first ten to fifteen minutes of the movie.

Skeksis Emperor (SkekSo)

Instant Comments:
1: I asked why urSu didn't tell Jen sooner, but soon after I ask urSu says "I should have told you sooner."
1: Why be emperor?
1: Trial by stone... not sure if that's fair. [20191126: According to the Dark Crystal wiki, the goal is to chop off the biggest piece. This would imply that in most cases both participants would strike off a piece of the stone and compare who struck the larger piece. But in this case, the one Skeksis (General SkekUng) struck the entire top half off and so he would be the obvious winner.]


1: "Which one is it?" "Don't know."
1: Dreamfast / 11:04 PM
1: Hang on.
1: I don't have wings.
1: I figure it must be females only. Soon after Kira tells Jen, "Of course not, you're a boy." / 11:50 PM


Watched 20191008 (Netflix, Instant)
Watched first half 20191126 (Netflix, Instant) (screenshot viewing)
The Dark Crystal (1982) Jim Henson, Frank Oz. 93 min
a.k.a. Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal

Jen, Kira, and Fizzgig

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