Superman Returns (2006)

20110122 Comment:
I remember liking this movie a lot. I recall even putting it close to Batman Begins (2005). With that being said, I like Superman Returns less than Batman Begins and I like Batman Begins less than The Dark Knight (2008). Though when Iron Man (2008) came out, I feel like I enjoyed that more than Superman Returns; I'd place Iron Man right between Superman Returns and Batman Begins.*

Superman (Brandon Routh)

Critics on the other hand have differing opinions. This is reasonable, as I imagine the more movies one watches, a particular movie has to have substantially more substance to stand out from the rest.

In any case, the movie has left a positive impression on my mind, and one day I'll watch the movie again and see if my opinions of it have changed.

*Note: opinions are subject to change and may differ from one post to the next.

Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey)

Watching this movie again today, I was not impressed. The movie somehow lacks qualities which make a superhero movie enjoyable. I would also say that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has really raised the bar on what constitutes a good superhero movie.

As of 20191020, Netflix determined the movie for me as a 98% match. I decided to give the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.

Instant Comments:
3a: Wow. These opening credits are a throwback.
3a: How does Superman jump so high without damaging anything?
3a: Hehe. Lex backs up.
3a: How does she bounce around the plane and live?

3a: "tragedy, sex, and Superman"
3a: I don't find this Lois Lane as appealing as other Lois Lane's; her personality seems too serious and she's not so attractive
3a: What a creeper.
3a: I feel like one of Superman's abilities would be to tell when people are lying via their heat signatures and more carefully reading their facial expressions.
3a: Hehe. Against his eye.
3a: Pause at 1 hour mark.
3b: "In the sky chief. No look it's..."

Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth), Richard White (James Marsden), and Jason White (Tristan Lake Leabu)

3b: "Chief, I've done Superman."
3b: Smile. They almost connected the likeness of Clark and Superman.
3b: Wait. Where does Superman keep his boots?
3b: Even though Clark was able to return before her, he couldn't have been settled in the amount of time it took Lois to return from the roof...
3b: Observes the mild effect of Kryptonite on the boy. "Who is that boy's father?"
3b: Probably the password is "Superman"
3b: It might be new land, but I don't see how Luthor could lay claim on it.

Clark Kent (Brandon Routh)

3b: I don't understand how the land growth occurs. Does it only occur from some source? Why doesn't more land grow from the pieces that break off?
3a=20191020, 3b=20191023

Released 20060628.
Watched 20060706 Theater. Century 20 Huntington Beach [SUPERMAN RETURN] 5:45 PM $7.25
Watched once more on DVD.
Watched first two-fifths 20191020, remaining fifths 20191023 (Netflix, Instant)
Superman Returns (2006) Bryan Singer. 154 min

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