Bright (2017)

For the most part I liked the movie. However, I think there were some primary weaknesses.

Daryl Ward (Will Smith)

First, the movie might have overdid the topic of racism. Throughout the film, Officer Ward (Will Smith) belittles his orc partner Officer Jakoby (Joel Edgerton). Sure, I get it: African-Americans (the most likely real-life counterpart to orcs in the movie) are constantly being treated in a similar manner by white people (the most likely real-life counterpart to humans in the movie). But I get it because I'm aware of it and for those aware of it, keeping the same dialogue and tone throughout the entire movie is annoying. I didn't choose to watch this movie for a lesson about racial problems in America.* That's what documentaries like 13th are for. Furthermore, I think works of fiction with subtle messages have more impact and carry more artistic merit than works that just place their themes right on the surface.

Second, while the movie often had good exposition and methods of story-telling, it also didn't develop the characters enough - by which I mean any character other than Ward and Jakoby. Alternatively, I think at minimum the movie could have spent a little more time concerning the film's two major groups: Shield of Light and the Inferni.

Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton)

Third, the film more or less wraps up the main story, but doesn't wrap up enough loose ends and feels incomplete. It feels like it needs a sequel (Netflix ordered a sequel in December 2017). With that being said, I feel as if the story could have easily lent itself to a 10-episode mini-series, or even two seasons with 10 episodes each. The first season would more or less be the equivalent to this movie while the second season would deal with continued effort to stop the return of the Dark Lord.

With all that being said, the majority of action in the film felt realistic. It felt like it all could have happened.

In the end, I don't think this movie is worth recommending unless it has a sequel which develops the story in a compelling way.

Leilah (Noomi Rapace)

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 98% match. I decided to give the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.

*This is phrased on the Wikipedia as follows: "Bright received criticism for its [...] excessive focus on social commentary."

Instant Comments:
Joe Rogan
"Fairy lives don't matter today."

Ward and Jakoby

The trailer jumbles various dialogue around.
Huh. (The guy they apprehended spoke Orkish to Jakoby)
"You talk about my family again... I'll split your fucking head open."
Shield of Light.
Good method of exposition. In any case, that's pretty crazy. The only way to know if you're a Bright is if you hold a wand and don't explode.
The fact that Jakoby has a heightened sense of smell... I feel like that should be a reason to have more orcs on the force.

Serafin (Alex Meraz), Leilah, and Tien (Veronica Ngo)

I had to rewatch this scene. Apparently their pressuring him to agree to stealing the wand.
Maybe he recorded it all on the recorder he was given.
Intense scene with him turning around and shooting all four cops.
In the scene after the one elf spots someone in the window, there's a view of the city. In the air is a dragon.
I don't understand why this elf is so out of it. Why doesn't she behave like a regular person.
Poison asks for the wand in the bar. I say just throw it to him like a grenade.

Jakoby, Ward's daughter Sophia (Scarlet Spencer), and Ward

Holy crap, Tikka's leap.
Ugh. They killed everybody in that bar so quickly but have trouble killing Ward.
Oh. I didn't get it at first. Fiona. (reference to Shrek)
"I am a great orc."
I think the father shooting Jakoby after the son said Jakoby saved his life is a dick move.
Hehe. "... Illuminati shit." "Their Inferni. They destroyed the Illumanti..."

Inferni (Left to Right): Tien, Leilah, Tikka (Lucy Fry), Serafin, and Larika (Nadia Gray)

Hahaha. "Swipe left."

Watched 20191019 (Netflix, Instant)
Bright (2017) David Ayer. 117 min

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