Con Air (1997)

20110110 Comment:
Great scene: Steve Buscemi sings "I've got the whole world..."

Cameron Poe (right, Nicolas Cage) and 'Baby-O' (left, Mykelti Williamson)

Good action movie.

I decided to watch this movie again today. While I enjoyed most of the movie, the ending was relatively far fetched. In fact, the destruction and chaos is perfect for an action movie, but seemed irrational for the good guys.

Instant Comments:
What a badass (takes on all three)

Cyrus The Virus (center, John Malkovich)

I didn't remember why he went to jail.
References The Lady and the Tramp: "Lady is a dog in a Disney movie."
Parks in the handicap spot.
Dave Chappelle.
I suppose the guard has to do his best be intimidating.
"I have the only gun on board. Welcome to Con Air."
Silly DEA.
Why'd he say that? I thought he retrieved the picture. "My daughter's picture! Where'd you put my daughter's picture you shit-eatin' peckerhead?"

Diamond Dog (Ving Rhymes)

"It's amazing the shit you white trash know." "That's right."
Eyes cut out. Obviously used for reading a letter.
"Don't touch anything." Proceeds to open the box that says "Do not open."
Oh no. He's gonna find Poe's stuff (with his parole letter).
"Put the bunny back in the box."
"One girl. I drove through [...] wearing her head as a hat."
"What do you think I"m gonna do? I'm gonna save the fuckin' day."
Lol. Larkin is tactically smarter than the soldiers.

'Pinball' (Dave Chappelle)

His car.
The little girl.
Hmm. Poe being found out seemed like a silly mistake. He should have had the foresight to hide that along with his parole letter after the earlier incident.
"He's got the whole world... in his hand..."
Hmm. How many people got injured or died during Con Air's crash landing.
Why would they choose to escape in such an indiscreet way? (on a firetruck)

Vince Larkin (John Cusack)

Hehe. Buscemi.

Released 19970606.
Watched 19970608 Theater. [Hollywo] [CON AIR] 03:00P
Possible additional viewings.*
Watched 20191007 (Vudu)
Con Air (1997) Simon West. 115 min.

Garland Greene (Steve Buscemi)

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*On 20110110, I wrote "I've seen this at least one other time." However, as of 20191007, I can't recall how many times I may have seen it. In fact, I just know that I saw the movie before and I didn't even realize I first saw it in theaters.

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