Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere

Summary: A selection of episodes from the television series The Joy of Painting Seasons 20-23 (1990-1991) with Bob Ross.

The episodes are as follows: 1) S20E06 2) S21E07 3) S21E01 4) S22E07 5) S22E08 6) S20E11 7) S22E11 8) S22E10 9) S21E04 10) S22E13 11) S23E01 12) S21E03 13) S20E08 14) S23E03 15) S21E02 16) S20E10 17) S20E10 18) S23E13 19) S21E06 20) 21) S20E08 22) S23E12 23) S21E05 24) S20E07 25) S22E12 26) S22E09

I watched Bob Ross when I was younger and I vaguely remember wondering who would ever follow along. Of course, I had the same thought about all the cooking shows and the other painting shows on PBS.

Fast forward to the present and Bob Ross has made his return to It's quite a social experience.

In any case, my significant other wanted to do another Paint Nite, but I convinced her to just follow along with Bob Ross. This was when I first watched episodes from this Netflix collection entitled Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere.

I watched half of episode 18, most of episode 13, and then I decided to follow along and paint episode 8. I first watched it once without painting, and then when I started following along, I had to rewind and watch parts of it multiple times.

(Episode 2: Wilderness Cabin)

Today I wanted to paint along with another Bob Ross episode. I started by watching episode 3, but then ended up watching episode 4. Unfortunately, that episode used masking tape which I didn't have.

Instead of trying to paint along to episode 4, I decided to look at some more episodes. I watched episode 11 a couple of times and was interested in painting it. Then I watched the first couple minutes of episode 12, but I decided to hold off on paintings that used black gesso. Finally, I watched episode 14 multiple times and decided to paint along to it.

I turned on Netflix today and expected this show to have already expired (it was set to expire at 20180531 12:00 AM). To my delight, it was immediately renewed!

C1E1: Cliffside
1: White liquid clear | Black gesso
1: Three baby squirrels.
1: !ripdevil 9:45
1: Wipe the brush off and load it to get a clean (white sea foam on top of lavendar)
1: Oh wow. The white on top of the lavender really brought out the feel of the sea foam.
1: I felt asleep towards the end, when he was working on the cliffside to the right of the painting.
1: Summary: Pink Sky | Seascape | Cliff

Bob feeds a baby squirrel (Episode 1: Cliffside)

C1E2: Wilderness Cabin
1: Black gesso with sponge | Covered with some liquid clear | Dried | Covered with green | White liquid clear on top
1: Highlight and shadow at the same time.
1: When he talks about the Little Painter Man, either he talks about the opening every so often, or I've seen this episode on I do recognize some techniques being implemented, but he repeats many of his techniques so that's less clear.
1: It gets darker and darker on the way down the tree because there's less paint on the brush and the brush picks up the darker black
1: Summary: Turquoise Sky | Forest | Path | Lake | Cabin

(Episode 1: Cliffside)

C1E3: Valley View
1: I watched a couple minutes of this episode

C1E4: Dimensions
1: I watched this episode in full. It uses masking tape.

C1E7: Pastel Seascape
1: Watched this multiple times and followed the episode.

C1E11: Frosty Winter Morn
1: I watched this episode a couple times and was interested in doing it.

C1E12: Royal Majesty
1: I watched the first couple minutes but decided not to work with black gesso.

C1E13: Winter Paradise
1: Watched most of this

C1E14: Mountain Ridge Lake
1: I watched this episode multiple times and followed along.

C1E18: Winter Bliss
1: Watched half of this episode

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