Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)

While I can't remember any specific scenes, Kill Bill: Vol. 1 is filled with great shots. I love how the director has assembled and portrayed the story.

The Bride (Uma Thurman)

The choice to tell O-Ren Ishii's entire backstory via animation was also refreshing - although I'm not sure if it bears any meaning.

In the end, Kill Bill: Vol. 1 is one of my favorite movies and I would highly recommend it (along with Kill Bill: Vol. 2).

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 98% match. I decided to give the movie a thumbs up.

Elle Driver (Dary Hannah), Vernita Green (Vivica A. Fox), Budd (Michael Madsen), O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu)

Instant Comments:
3: "Bill, it's your baby." Bang.
3: Great song: Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (cover) by Nancy Sinatra.
3: Hmm. I suppose I'm disappointed that The Bride didn't anticipate Vernita Green's attack and only survived because Vernita missed. [I read the following explanations: 1) Vernita doesn't specialize in firearms. 2) It was a high adrenaline situation. 3) The cereal box would have obscured the direction of the gun. Putting all those together, I suppose it makes sense: Vernita reached in, quickly turned to point it at The Bride, and fired; taking an extra one or two seconds would have allowed The Bride to react anyways, so Vernita just had to take her chances.]

Gogo Yubari (Chiaki Kuriyama)

3: Oh, I forgot about that (Buck)
3: Cool (though sad) animation sequence.
3: A little bit of luck with her fight against Gogo.
3: She uses the eyeball pull technique.

O-Ren makes her message clear.

3: "This is what you get for fucking around with the Yakuzas. Go home to your mother."
3: I had remembered the fight between The Bride and O-Ren Ishii being short. In actuality, it had a decent length.
3: Why did she let Sophie live? [Oh, it's explained in the next scene]

The Bride fights the Crazy 88.

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Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) Quentin Tarantino. 111 min

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