The Suicide Squad (2021)

While there were some good action scenes, the movie felt disjointed and full of filler. I did like this movie more than Suicide Squad. In particular, I liked the idea of having a leader. Liking it better than Suicide Squad but worse than Birds of Prey, I'll give the movie a 3.0 out of 5. Though speaking of Birds of Prey, what is the timeline? How did Harley get put back into a mission?*

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 94% match. I decided to give the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.

*It seems like she went back to prison after Birds of Prey. Was this explained outside the movie or did I just completely miss it?

Instant Comments:
1a: what a weird team... practically none of them know each other 1a: is that meant to be a joke (Weasel can't swim) [weird cause soon after we learn he's dead as a result... but the way Waller looked over as a reaction to the initial question made it look like a joke]
1a: How are detachable useful?
1a: They spent the opening on this guy being able to throw a ball and he's killed for desertion...
1a: Honestly this use of prisoners is beyond inhumane
1a: I don't know... this film is hard to watch. Waller threatening this man via his daughter.
1a: Okay. This is just stupid. If Flag wasn't taken by hostiles, then there better be a good reason he didn't contact Waller... since the other guy was able to keep in contact with Waller just fine
1a: Pause cause sleepy but will prably rewind it a bit
1b: resume at 45 minute mark
1b: Smile. "I can't believe this thing had a bullet"
1b: Hehe. "Everywhere" (and he sees her literally as every person on the team
1b: Smile. Polka Dot Man is having fun and the scene switches to what he would see with everybody being his mom.
1b: Hehe. "My answer may not be what you might expect?"
1b: I'm guessing she just faked going unconscious
1b: One of these guys can just pick up a gun instead of attacking with knives. Harley picks up a gun on her way out
1b: I like the flowers as a substitute for blood
1b: Hehe. She sees them crossing the street.
1b: Hehehe. "Well I can go back inside and you can still do it."
1b: hehe. Harley's conditions
1b: "I am walking back and forth."
1b: "I love the rain. It's like angels splooging all over us."
1b: Yikes. Ripped in half. That would be a lot of strength... Though maybe some sort of ripping the yellow pages strategy can come into play
1b: This star creature is huge now
1b: The doctor tells them that the U.S. government was involved and I vaguely recall having that feeling from when Waller began the mission
1b: he he smaller bullets (i think that was a callback to earlier)
1b: what... if everyone in the suicide squad was able to cover their faces... but not any of the soldiers? was it that hard to synthesize the logic
1b: hmm aren't the star people supposed to be controlled? [yes]
1b: nice wow. feels good that someone took out Waller. I feel like an evil version of Nick Fury... who would want that in a franchise. evil is hard to sell. at least anti hero... 1b: oh no poor polka dot. such strong power but could have cut something more vital
1b: that's smart. I was trying to think of how I could leverage the drive and couldnt come up with how. I knew what I'd ask for (basically what he did) but not how to secure it. though triggering the release seems to be tough... she could try to kill them all and perhaps the data would get released. I guess an implementation is that all persons have to enter and reset some sort of expiration trigger which if one of them dies them the trigger would expire even if they were dead.

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The Suicide Squad (2021) James Gunn. 132 min

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