Black Adam (2022)

For the most part I enjoyed this film.

Rating: 4.4/5

Instant Comments:
the kid was in on helping them past security check
some references to Shazam! (e.g. lightning check, is your suit bullet proof or you)
hehe he destroyed the Superman poster
caption says music from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (which was on tv early)
huh he said they will bring peace to Kandaq but according to the kids story the group called the Intergang has been oppressing the area...
what I thought the plan would be to trick him into saying "Shazam." but he just outright gave up the trap?
it interesting to root for Black Adam against the Justice Society (though specifically moreso against Hawkman). even the people are rooting for the champion and booing the Justice Society so... I suppose the movie also has this narrative (Teth Adam flies off after they are chanting)
Adrianna tells the Justice Society all the points of them vs Teth Adam, but Hawkman still believes in his perspective that Adam is dangerous (I guess there was a similar problem with Superman being dangerous.... who gets to police that and who polices the police)
why would the wizards simply imprison Adam vs destroy him. and inscription that reveals how to free him
heroes and villains... that's such a black and white view of the world. and that heroes don't kill people. soldiers often kill people and come home as heroes of their nation.
hmm keeping a bunch of people underwater... doesnt seem like a secure as it seems
still over 30 minutes left... something substantial still needs to happen.
hmm will Black Adam not be awakened? (Dr Fate seals off Hawkman)
great speech by Dr Fate
he was able to fight off several guards on his own (without powers)
he has a cape again. oh and his suit is renewed
I feel like he would break the throne
hehe. called it. though honestly I thought he would have just pounded it with his fist. his ground slam from the sky was much more dramatic
ugh this Amanda Waller character is annoying. she's almost set to be an equivalent of Marvel's Nick Fury except she gives off evil vibes and associated more with villains than superheroes. surely Batman was the one to put the Justice League together (even though he obtained dosiers from Waller) and not that Waller; in contrast, Fury was directly responsible for putting the Avengers together.

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Black Adam (2022) Jaume Collet-Serra. 125 min

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