Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023)

I thought the movie had more obvious plotholes (namely why the "villains" didn't just take away all the powers of the entire Shazam family from the start) but overall I think I liked the overarching story of this sequel more than that of the first movie, Shazam!. In addition, I suppose the look of the Shazam family grew on me and they didn't seem as ridiculous in this movie as they did in the first movie. Perhaps in this movie they seemed less like kids while they were powered up.

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 96% match. I decided to give the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.

Rating: 3.8/5

Instant Comments:
Hahahaha. "Rejected by city"
Hmm... All or non seems extreme. I'm curious if there's a reason for such a rule
haha. The bridge already collapsed
It is silly. "Destroy" is different than "fail to save."
hehe Billy mentioend Wonder Woman and describes her alter ego
yikes. that's quite a fragment he was able to peel off the staff
hehe. date with Wonder Woman.
Is it just a dream though cause she doesn't turn around and reveal her face
"Comic Con." "What's Comic Con?" "What?"
Ah. SHAZAM. Though for something that sounds ancient, the translation is in English...
Uh... seems arbitrary. They took away Freddy's powers but not the others
Hmm. I feel like he does have a strong brain (as in he's not bluffing)
Hahahaha. The dictation
Freddy identifies Anthea as having power of axis and that it's rare
Ha! Age difference! I was also wondering earlier why Anthea appears to be in her 20s, the middle one in her 40s, and the oldest in her 60s [their actual ages in 2023 are 22, 54, and 78, respectively].
Hehe. No time for secrets: "I'm gay."
Sure... always in these movies. Just stand around and stare at the eggs.
Hahahaha. "Suddenly seems inappropriate" (she's over 6000 years old)
That's a tearjerker. ("I know I age out soon")
Holy moly. She could have just taken her sister's power away (as evident in another scene) but instead killed her.
Hehe. "Yet the unicorn does not love you"
Hehehe. "Taste the rainbow"
Holy moly. There's more of them (unicorns).
Hahaha. "Taste the rainbow, mother-" (unicorn neighing muffles out the end of that)
Hehe. "Made you look."
I feel like the magical strength to shrink the shield - having it pass through persons as it does so - seems amazing
Tearjerker goodbye to Freddy. Even though I imagine he'd somehow survive... which would kind of be weird.
Not really how lightning works (doesn't bounce around)... I thought he would have just charged it directly or absorb the flame of the dragon
oh wow. He said "Shazam" which would mean he turns into a person at the time of the explosion... It would be weird if he were alive
"A true god after all"
Oh my goodness. That theme. Great that she makes a cameo here but... that theme...
Hehe. I'm gonna be 18 in 5 months
Smile. It's hard to have a super hero name that is also the word that triggers your powers. You couldn't tell anybody your name. Which I think why "I still think we can beat it" makes sense. But I also think because in the comics he is "Captain Marvel" which one of the towns people named among other possible names [the Wikipedia article for Captain Marvel has a few lines about him being renamed "Shazam" due to the name "Captain Marvel" being owned by Marvel comics]
Midcredits. Ugh. Waller.
Hehe. "Justice League" vs "Justice Society". Even though the Justice Society is a thing... I would almost agree it's... unfortunate?
Hahaha. "The Avenger Society." (Smile. "I like that for some reason")
Post credits. Huh. Back to the ending of Black Adam.
He looks like a caterpillar but he moves like a centipede

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Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023) David F. Sandberg. 130 min

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